Secure your dream job when graduating from NHH Norwegian School of Economics

You may be nervous to graduate university during the current economic times. And we understand! 

However, for students and graduates at the Norwegian School of Economics, this surely was not the case, as a whopping 97 percent of Master Degree students who have graduated in spring 2020 reportedly landed their jobs in fields relevant to their academic title – in fact, most of them securing a job even before graduating! Though this outstandingly positive statistic is not surprising for NHH standards, considering that the University’s curricula were chosen as the most popular study programmes in the country in 2020.

Located in Bergen, Norway, the Norwegian School of Economics is one of the top business schools in Europe, with an internationally recognised research community, and bilateral agreements with more than 170 universities and business schools in over 50 countries. Indeed, more than 60% of master students at NHH choose to spend a semester abroad during their studies.

As NHH offers a world-class education with close to no registration fees and candidates like yourself benefit from close cooperation with the business community and the local society, the admission process can be highly competitive.

Once admitted, you will be able to access study programmes like the MSc in Economics and Business Administration, or pick a Specialisation in several fields offered, like Business Analytics, Economics, Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment, Strategy and Management and many more.

And if you’re into innovation, you will have the opportunity to benefit from the Innovation School for students, launched in 2021, with modules in Bergen, Frankfurt, and Munich, combining your studies with study trips and internships.
Alternatively, you can earn credits for internships completed abroad and benefit from the agreements between NHH and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD London branch) and the DNB bank, among others.

And, if you’re not content with getting a degree at NHH, you can shoot for the stars and choose the CEMS Master’s in International Management or a Double Degree programme. NHH is the only CEMS member representative in Norway and the CEMS MIM is considered the most international master’s degree programme in the world!

Just like everything else at the Norwegian School of Economics, the student life is also booming and blooming, with over 70% of enrolled students engaging actively in volunteering, career fairs or entertainment activities, organising sports endeavors for other students and many more activities!
If your dream university checks all the boxes NHH has to offer and you wish to know more about their curricula or speak to a faculty member, click here.

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