When it comes to academia and its links to employability, PhD candidates seem to be at the heart of the question.  

Once university finishes, a very difficult question comes to mind: “What to do now?”. In case you want to continue with your studies to have a chance to find a job in the same sector, the best choice is to apply for a PhD. Across the world, PhDs are increasing in numbers, but one thing is key when applying to a programme: the University that promotes it.

The goal of a PhD is to develop knowledge and intellectual faculties. How many times have we thought about how beautiful it would be to study the conservation of building environment, or to patent that engineering idea we dreamt about in our undergrad? A PhD offers us the opportunity to delve into research that has the potential to be urgent, groundbreaking, and fascinating. Developing knowledge also means increasing our work opportunities.

Politecnico di Torino – a few figures

In a survey to German PhD students for Science Mag, Anne Forde says that “When asked for their motivations for doing a PhD, more than 85% of respondents expressed a genuine interest in their research theme” and  57.4% of respondents were funded by universities and research institutes.

Therefore, when choosing a PhD programme and an institution, the most important aspect seems to be checking if their relevant research is efficient and their scholarships programme is beneficial. One such option is Politecnico di Torino, one of the most important technical universities in the world. As a matter of fact, at Politecnico di Torino, both research themes and financial support are relevant, because  85% of Ph.D. positions have a scholarship. In addition, it is currently the 29th university in the world for its research impact rankings, as quoted in the Times Higher Education index. Its external research income is ranked as excellent by Multirank and so is its number of co-publications with industrial partners. With startup incubators and its Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre, it is sure to follow the creative process of its students and not to miss any opportunity of innovation.

With 25% of their students being international and 85% of PhD positions funded, the Engineering and Architecture university with sixteen programmes as diverse as Architectural and Landscape Heritage, Aerospace Engineering, and Pure and Applied Mathematics has something to offer for each strong technical candidate.


In order to aid students in achieving their academic goals, Politecnico di Torino has decided to increase the amount of scholarships to € 18.800 instead of the usual Italian amount of € 15.300.

The amount offered in scholarships is among the highest in Italy and in line with European standards. To support candidates’ mobility, scholarships are increased by 50% for study periods outside of Italy. 

The call for admissions is divided into two separate sessions: the spring session and the summer session. A third selection process can be scheduled.

The two dates to remember to grab these opportunities are: 13th February and 14th May 2020.

In addition, since the official start date of the PhD programme is November 1st, candidates who are offered a PhD position in the Spring session have the opportunity to start their research project and receive financial support from May or June. Hurry up and try your luck applying to Polito!

Making the “Winter Capital”. The Urban Development of Nice Among Citizens, Tourists, Municipality and State (1815-60) — Betsabea Bussi

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