The business school of the future has arrived

Introducing Zurich Elite Business School (ZEBS) and their mission to  become the most practical and applied Business School in the world. Offering business courses at Bachelor level all the way up to MBA, ZEBS is a school that you should make note of if you want a different kind of business education: modern, practical, and unique. 

Top corporations like Google, Apple, and IBM are looking for the exact skills that a ZEBS education offers, and here is why…

Industry-linked business education 

ZEBS aims to become the first Business School worldwide that effectively closes the gap between academia and industry, via industry-linked business education. President Adonis-Emmanouil Fragkakis launched the school after having a sound understanding of the future needs of the modern day workforce; and was ahead of his time in identifying the direction that some top global employers were heading. “Major employers are hiring candidates who don’t have the traditional degrees, looking primarily for job-related skill-sets and not just theoretical knowledge”. 

The ZEBS MBA offers not just skills for the future, but skills desired right now in the job market. Employees have to acquire real-world skills through job-training techniques in order to be successful. This is exactly the focus and culture at ZEBS – not just a standard MBA education, but THE Real-World Skills MBA.

Top employability scores 

Zurich is a hub for European business. All the courses at ZEBS are online, with accessibility to world class professors, consultants and senior managers from major corporations. The school has a strong focus on industrial partnerships within the Swiss, German and Austrian industries, and was recently ranked fourth among the ‘Top 25’ Business Schools in Europe.

It is no wonder that ZEBS has been extremely successful in providing top European corporations with its graduates. 95% of ZEBS graduates receive a job directly after graduating, with many being successful in building their own start-ups. 

“All of our business experts have been successful managers and entrepreneurs, so we know what it takes to succeed”. 

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Tuition fees for the MBA is only $2500.00, which beats most international MBAs of this nature. On top of that, it comes with an extensive scholarship available for all students up to $1,000.00. 

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