The Education University of Hong Kong: A green haven for future educators, arts and humanities professionals!

Enroll at EdUHK with a merit-based world-class scholarship and earn your degree while enjoying the most amazing mountain views!

From its origins as a teacher training scheme in 1853, The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) has made it its mission to lead through educational innovation and to promote the strategic development of teaching, teacher education and all disciplines complementary to it.

With more than 160 years of heritage, the three main Faculties – Education and Human Development, Humanities, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences – house a total of 16 departments and aim to promote top-notch research in education, social sciences, arts, psychology, cross-cultural awareness and intercultural competencies, as well as building strong research and academic links with other prestigious institutions. 

The extensive network of collaborations with universities, higher education institutions and organisations across the globe enrich the curricula that EdUHK offers, by expanding your exchange, internship, leadership and immersion programme opportunities and so much more! 


If you’re an international student, but you’re all about that green, sustainable student life, you can benefit from a variety of EdUHK Scholarships for undergraduate students, including:

  • the Full Scholarship: full tuition fees, on-campus accommodation, academic expenses and living allowance;
  • Tuition Scholarship: provides full tuition fees;
  • Half Tuition Scholarship: covers half of the tuition fees;
  • Subject Scholarship: awarded for major subjects or areas of study;
  • Global Learning Enhancement Fund: for a semester-long exchange program abroad
  • Other Scholarships: e.g. for special talents.

You can also apply for government scholarships, such as the Belt and Road Scholarship (either Designated or Other Countries) and the Belt and Road Scholarship for Postgraduate Research

EdUHK prospective students like yourself will benefit from a dynamic university life, and will live in residential halls in a luscious green forest, enjoying a convenient, secure and comfortable accommodation. 

The campus also has its own library, a five-hectare sports complex which hosts a running track and field, two football fields, four tennis courts and a 50-metre-long outdoor Olympic-size swimming pool. And, if sports are not really your thing, the University’s eco-garden and organic farming facilities will welcome you with open arms. Here you’ll keep busy and will promote environmental sustainability at the same time!

At EdUHK, whether you’re an international or local student, you can rest assured that your academic and personal development will go hand in hand, all while enjoying breathtaking forest views and socializing through a plethora of exciting activities!

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