University of California students protest against Tuition fee hike

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The voting on proposed “five year stability plan” will be held on November 19, 2014. This stability plan will establish an annual increase of up to 5% in tuition and student fees, with increase levels dependent on state funding.

Students are protesting for their rights and demanding to vote against the “five year stability plan.” The slogans have reached all over the state of California. Here are some moments captured by students to spread the word.

‘Struggle is real’

From UC Berkeley – ‘Freshman 5 then and now’

‘Raise Hell Not Cost’ – UC Irvine students

Students chanting “bullshit”

UC Davis students

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If the rights of the students and their peace of mind tormented like this than no wonder more students will join their cause and #angrystudents will be full of tweet and pictures. A student submitted his raging comment over the issue.

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