Unlock Opportunities with Esade’s Bachelor in Transformational Business and Social Impact

Get to know Esade’s groundbreaking new BITBASI (Bachelor in Transformational Business and Social Impact) programme with a career event for entrepreneurial changemakers. 

Esade in Barcelona, Spain – one of Europe’s top business schools – is launching a pioneering new undergraduate programme in 2021: the Bachelor in Transformational Business and Social Impact (BITBASI).

Designed for people who want to harness the power of business to improve life for everyone, this ‘degree without classrooms’ takes place in environments of innovation and entrepreneurship, providing real experience of making a meaningful difference.

For those who care about climate change, pandemics, inequality and the unsustainable use of resources – and who dare to seek new solutions – BITBASI provides a complete foundation for a disruptive career as a changemaker.

The programme is based on highly effective, science-based learning methodologies that support three key pillars: Learn to Learn, Learn to Think, and Learn to Innovate.

As a BITBASI graduate, you will be an expert in management, technology, innovation and the humanities, ready to lead projects anywhere in the world. You could become an entrepreneur and develop new solutions, drive change as part of a B-Corp company with social impact, or help existing companies reorient to become more socially responsible

To give future leaders a taste of what’s possible, Esade are hosting a series of online events. The next, Experience BITBASI: Job Opportunities in Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship takes place on 28th April at 6pm (CEST). 

Register now for free and join top CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs as they share their insights into what employers of the future in these fields will be looking for.

Places are limited so don’t delay – sign up now and start making a difference!

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