Unlock your potential as a researcher at centres of excellence in Barcelona

“The BIST Master was key in my training as an independent researcher capable of facing today’s questions. The tools acquired during this master have proven to be crucial for my current research as a PhD student at Harvard Medical School.”

This is how Alejandra Rodríguez de la Rosa (class of 2018/2019) describes the Master of Multidisciplinary Research in Experimental Sciences (MMRES) at the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST). The MMRES is unique for the number of hours of experimental work it offers, which are divided between two research projects at centres of excellence in Barcelona.

“I chose this master’s mainly because of how practical it is. The MMRES is special in that it allows students to carry out two research projects in two laboratories from different disciplines, which reinforces the multidisciplinary nature of science,” explains current student Federica Turrisi. The MMRES is a pioneering one-year programme that is taught entirely in English and qualifies you for a PhD at one of the participating institutions or at other leading research universities. More than 80% of alumni have obtained PhD positions at prestigious institutions, nearly half of them at international organisations such as ETH Zurich (Switzerland), Imperial College London (United Kingdom), and Harvard Medical School (in the case of Alejandra).

In addition to these research projects, the MMRES programme also provides students with training in science communication, project management, and responsible research and innovation. This training, which draws on the experience of leading researchers from collaborating centres, is highly valued by students. As Jia Liang Sun, alumnus of the class of 2017/2018 explains, “We had the chance to engage with world-class scientists and it made me realise that solid collaborations among different scientific disciplines are key to solving complex questions underlying current global challenges.” BIST also offers up to 10 Tuition Waiver Fellowships for the top-ranked students.

Now that you have all the information, apply for the Master of Multidisciplinary Research in Experimental Sciences at BIST if you want to successfully prepare yourself for a rigorous doctoral degree in science, both in an international environment and in centres of excellence in Barcelona. “It will help you understand the different languages of science!” (Saptashwa Datta, class of 2021/2022).

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