Why choose a pathway transfer program at Bakersfield College? Let the students tell you!

Dreaming of joining a community that deeply cares about its students and their future success without worrying about heavy tuition fees? 

Bakersfield College is all about opening doors for prospective students from diverse economic, cultural and educational backgrounds worldwide. With its preparation for transfers, Bakersfield aims to create a supportive environment that will enable you to grow professionally and smoothly achieve your lifelong goals. Among the highly-ranked universities BC’s international students have transferred to you’ll find names such as the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Moreover, BC prepares its students for Optional Practical Training: former students have been employed in OPT jobs within renowned companies like Tesla and many more.

With the Transfer Pathways office guidance and assistance, you’ll also receive consistent tailor-made support in constructing your unique university journey. 

Doesn’t it sound appealing?

Well, there’s more! Support is a core moral value for Bakersfield and an all-around commitment. The College offers students plenty of economic opportunities to help ease the weight of tuition and live a more relaxed university experience – financial aid, refunds, and benefits are just some of the services the students have access to. 

But enough with the chit-chats, let the international community of Bakersfield College tell you through their own personal experiences why you should choose to enroll.

H.Grewal, an outgoing graduating student and President of the International Student Organization, highlights the importance that the university gives to reciprocal support, a sense of community and freedom of self-expression within and outside the campus. He says, “Knowing that I have been able to make a positive impact and have a voice not only at the college level but at the state-wide level through my involvement and encouragement with the BCSGA and participation in participatory governance committees where faculty and staff at BC ensure that student voice is at the forefront of it all has been very rewarding. […]  I have been able to assist my fellow international renegades through my experiences as an international student and I have loved seeing their development and growth as Renegades”.

Bertin Okezie, an international student from Nigeria who restarted her nursing career at Bakersfield College in January, adds to the college support system and the professor’s expertise: “BC is a very comfortable and friendly community. From my professors to the people I meet at the offices: when you want to ask questions there’s always someone available to attend to your needs to make sure you are very well settled in. Having this kind of friendly community makes studying very easy and comfortable. The international student office understands what it means to leave home and study in a different environment – they’re very close to the students and help you adapt”.

She says, “One thing you have to know is: one step you take into BC, you will never regret it. Because you get the full value of your time, of your money, of your strength. I couldn’t have been happier anywhere else, I love it here in BC”.

Are you ready to become part of Bakersfield’s diverse and supportive community? 

Explore the incredible possibilities offered by the college and enrich your skills, values, and perspective while building a promising future for yourself. 

Don’t hesitate. The next experience to be shared could be yours.

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