Indian Institute of Management of India are very Popular for Its Quality Education!

India is one of the most developing nations today that is only possible for the best Indian business schools.  These are playing a major role to create some well skilled professionals those can successfully solve the corporate and financial matters for the development of this nation. Due to these reasons, demand of management professional in India is going high.

At the same way, research ha s proved the requirement of management professionals in India for next five year will also remain higher.
So, there are numbers of business schools opened all over the country to solve this problem. Now, it is not a major task for the interested candidates to get the best Indian business schools for management study.

There are so many leading business schools are available in India through which you can get good management tricks and tips. In case of the Best Indian business schools, you must consider about the Indian School of Business, Indian Institute of Management, Symbiosis Center for Management and Human Resource Development as well as Xavier’s Institute of Management to become a well skilled management professional.

Due to quality teaching at the Best Indian business schools many students from foreign countries are coming to India to build a better career.

Indian Institute of Management

Indian  was first IIM set up, the on November 13. It gives the post graduate programmes and doctoral & executive education programs.
Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad was second IIM set up, at December 16, 1961.
Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore gives the special programmes in the Software Enterprise Management & Public Policy Management.
Indian Institute of Management in Lucknow is fourth IIM established, at 1984.

Indian Institute of Management in Kozhikode, fifth IIM, was been established at 1996 & started the first batch of the students from 1997.
Indian Institute of Management in Indore, sixth IIM & last of first batch, was been established at 1996.
Indian Institute of Management in Shillong, known as the Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of the Management, was seventh IIM established, and following 2005 decision b the Government of India.

Indian Institute of Management in Ranchi, eighth IIM, was first of 6 IIMs established at 2010 to 2011 as a part of Eleventh 5Year Plan.
Indian Institute of Management in Rohtak, ninth IIM, was been inaugurated & began the operation on June 30 2010 with the IIM Lucknow as its mentor.

Indian Institute of Management in Raipur, tenth IIM, was been inaugurated by Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh in October 2010.
Indian Institute of Management in Tiruchirappalli, eleventh IIM, was been inaugurated on fourth January 2011

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