5 Motivational guidelines for Engineering Students

Engineering classes can sometimes be very frustrating and meaningless. It gets more frustrating with the things turning out to be so imperceptible. This may affect the motivation to proceed further, drastically.  And for some it may prove to be the threshold point, thereby provoking them to switch their fields of education. However, if you can hold on just a little longer, things will definitely start coming your way and be more interesting.

If you are lacking motivation and are in desperate need of help, the following points may prove quite helpful to you in this regard.

1. Avoid negative spiral of inactivity

inactivity, Avoid negative spiral of inactivity

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Usually when the lectures are not making sense at all, the interest to attend the lectures slowly fades away. Students may start skipping the lectures. It may start with the morning lectures and slowly end up with no lectures attended at all the whole day. The solution to this exists in keeping a positive routine and attitude.  You may start by keeping an activity of interest in the morning before the classes start e.g. having a morning walk or breakfast with your friend might help. This will also help you in getting to sleep early at night. Attending lectures are important even if you don’t understand much. This will definitely help you out with your motivational issues and keep you on the right track and focused.

2. Do what interests you

interest, Do what interests you

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With all the mathematical symbols bustling through your brains and different courses making no sense, it will be a great idea to take up a small project of your interest. This way you will find yourself more involved in the things you are interested in and will actually help you a lot in building up your concepts. This will definitely provide a boost to your motivation level and will help you in coping up with your studies.

3. Self-motivation is the keyself-motivation, Self-motivation is the key

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Lack of interest in the things can always be battled out with self-motivation. Whenever you are facing problems in studies, you should start telling yourself, you can do it. You can also idealize a successful personality and motivate yourself to overcome the hurdles and achieve more. This way you will soon find yourself in a better position with the things turning out more positive towards you.

4. Say NO to procrastination

procrastination, Say NO to procrastination

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Usually when things are not much interesting, people may get too lazy or in the state of procrastination. You must avoid this as it may harm you and things might get out of control. You should be showing more positive and energetic attitude towards your studies. Start by doing the assignments or preparing for any quizzes way before the deadlines. This way you will not only be able to score well but the things will start becoming more interesting for you and will surely motivate you more.

5. Think about the future

The future, Think about the future

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For most of the students, the initial years of studies are very boring and less exciting but you have to believe it, things start getting way too much interesting from the 3rd year onwards. You start getting the things that are related to a more specific field. Thus things start getting more tangible. Also once you are in the field of engineering, you will cherish what you learned through your years of studies in the universities.


These points would definitely prove helpful in dragging yourself out of the marshland and be more passionately involved in studies.


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