Learning the entrepreneurial and innovative craft overlooking the Mediterranean Sea

Technion City photographed from helicopter.

When we think of entrepreneurship and innovation, we often think of new technologies and services. While they might be impressive, it is important to consider how they can make a difference in the way we live, work and even quickly get around town.

At ever-increasing rates, universities are fostering their students’ creativity and passion for building.

Notably, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology works to ensure technological progress that will bring greater prosperity around the world.

A public university founded in 1912, located on Mount Carmel in Haifa and consistently appearing in top rankings, Technion starts engaging alumni in entrepreneurship and innovation at early stages in their lives.

The offering to the international community includes Bachelor in Science degrees, Exchange Programs (with 200 partner schools around the world), accredited Summer Programs, Specialized Programs, Research Projects and a variety of Graduate and PhD programs taught by senior academic faculty, scientists and industry experts.

Furthermore, Technions classrooms intend to foster communication and collaboration. Its laboratories are among the most advanced of their kind, distributed in 60 research institutes and centers.

Student project – Mechanical Firing Mechanism.

Technion’s alumni include engineering leaders who hold key positions in high-tech, government and defense industries in Israel and abroad. Since 1995, alumni have established more than 1,600 companies that have generated USD$30 billion and created nearly 100,000 jobs.

The visionary education provided by Technion still reflects on Rafi Yoeli,  M.Sc. ’84 , Ph.D. ’87 and his flying car, which has already completed 300 flight tests and is designed for easing city street congestion and medical rescue and evacuations.

You could also reimagine the world in a way that is more efficient, more resilient, and better able to serve the public as a Technion graduate. Register here for a brochure and get to creating a better tomorrow!

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering and Faculty of Chemical Engineering.

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