ICAPS 2012

The 12th Conference of Indian Congress on Asia and Pacific Studies was held on 13th and 14th January 2012, in Dehradun in collaboration with Association of Asian Scholars and Doon University, Dehradun. The purpose of the conference was to exchange the Intellectual thoughts over the topic of India China historical linkages and collaboration between South and South East Asia. Well known learned scholars from the region gathered to present their papers in six different themed sessions.

The conference reflected a different picture of International relationships between India and China, the growing economies of the world. The conference was initiated by the Vice Chancellor of Doon University, Prof Girijesh Pan, who in his inaugural address underlined the importance of civil society in conferences such as ICAPS. The chairperson remarked that the conference provided with an excellent platform for the exchange of intellectual thoughts over the India China relationship, which is of prime importance in the Asia Pacific region. She highlighted that trade points like Shipki and Ladakh are a result of such thought processes developed and discussed in conferences like the ICAPS.

Later sessions emphasized the importance of various issues regarding borderlands, the archaeological preservation in the areas and various issues of common interest, particularly related to trade and economy. The comparison between Chinese and Indian economies depicted that despite the commonalities in man power and resources the Chinese economy has flourished due to the model adapted in the China. The conferences concluded with the address of Prof. Patricia Uberoi, who remarked the importance of pilgrimage in border areas and the increment in trade.

Conferences like ICAPS provide people of India and China a great opportunity to interact, discuss and dig out chances of collaboration and co-operation pertaining to the development of trade and economy.

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