Docsity’s Black Friday 2022 has finally arrived

From November 18th to the 28th all Premium Plans will be 20% off, all of them! It’s the best deal ever to become Premium.

If that’s all? Not at all! On Friday, 25th November for the fastest only, there will be further surprises that will blow your mind. Remember, for the fastest only: Exclusive offers on Friday 25th will be limited. For the rest of the week, however, you can take advantage of these crazy offers, clearly not to be missed!

How to activate the discounts? Never easier!

To immediately obtain discounts on subscriptions, simply type the promotional code BF2103I in the new Promotional Codes section in your account. If you are that lazy :P, no problem. Here you find the shortcut where you can insert the code below

Once in the Premium page, you will automatically find the subscriptions with the discounts already applied. Convenient, simple and fast, just the way we like it!

Some history of Black Friday

Perhaps not everyone knows that the first edition of Black Friday, a now viral event, has secular origins, or almost so. We have to go back to 1924, when the Macy’s distribution chain, the day after Thanksgiving, organized a real parade in New York to celebrate the start of Christmas shopping.

The term Black Friday began to spread in the second half of the 20th century and for reasons initially unrelated to commerce: the day after Thanksgiving Day 1961, in Philadelphia, there was a huge crowd of people around the streets. In a document of the time, the term was used to underline the practice of many employees of declaring themselves ill the day after the party, with the aim of spending a long weekend at home.

The current meaning of this expression began to spread during the 80s, especially in the United States, but not only, where in the following years it has become a usual practice and a scheduled event.

In recent years, Black Friday has become a worldwide phenomenon, involving almost all companies that provide services. From today, even those related to education and training will be available at discounted prices.

We invest in learning and personal growth

Starting this year, Docsity will also join Black Friday. Why? We firmly believe that the most important field worth investing in is one’s own training, not subject to planned obsolescence or degradation. As Nelson Mandela recalled, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” Keeping a fresh mind and good health are the areas where spending money is never too much!

In the past we had already noticed with interest the increase in promotional codes and the surge in online purchases, further driven by the lockdown. And we have prepared ourselves to be ready for this moment which we hope will leave you satisfied.

Last details not to be forgotten

Our promotional codes can be used by all registered users. The only requirement is to have an active and functioning Docsity account.

It may perhaps seem obvious, but the features of subscriptions at discounted prices are the same as always: you will have the possibility to use the services to download documents from the Store section, shared documents, follow our video lessons and test your preparation with our quizzes. Services already activated previously and Power top-ups remain out of the offer. Don’t say we didn’t say it.

For any doubt or request for information, remember that you can contact our Assistance at any time and directly from this link.

Happy Black Friday 2022 and Happy Studying!

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