Ready to study in the US?

The US has a great appeal when it comes to university education, both for American and international students. However, it can be hard to navigate the vast range of opportunities and education offerings available.

Generally speaking, there are several elements to consider to find the right university: from the programmes (of course) to the campus life, from the opportunities for networking and international exchange to the support related to one’s career development, and many more.

However, there is one more point to keep in mind which is strictly connected to a study experience in the US and it is your willingness to be immersed in a true American context.

If this is something that teases you,  you should definitely consider moving to Ohio!

The University of Rio Grande is a diverse, small, private university located in the rural hills of Southeastern Ohio. Located in the village of Rio Grande, Ohio, the 190-acre campus is home to more than 71 academic programs including biochemistry, business, professional communications, and an exciting new degree in meat science. 

Also, the University of Rio Grande is well equipped to support your journey providing an ESL department, a personal success coach, and a student tutoring center in addition to scholarships dedicated to international students.

Student life offers a wide range of activities, from sports (to play or even just to watch each day) to student organizations and events. The entire university community includes nearly 2,000 students from more than 27 countries, so you will have plenty of opportunities to meet new people, share interests, and build your network while making new friends.

If you believe that people make places, the University of Rio Grande has the potential to make you feel at home while giving you all the competencies and skills to broaden your horizons. At Rio, you will not only find a home, but you will find family.

Choosing your university is a key decision, so be sure to pick one that is able to give you the greatest value in terms of education but also as an overall experience 😉

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