Get Ahead of the Digital Revolution: Earn your MSc in Digital Transformation in London or Paris

Looking at reports from across the globe and industries, one thing is clear – digital transformation and technology adoption are happening rapidly. Even if there was reluctance about tech innovation before, now it has been squashed by the digital revolution.

Changing consumer behaviours required businesses to push toward online presence and rethink their processes, organisation and culture. A survey by Consultancy UK (2021) found that 80% of organisations identified digital transformation as their main priority. McKinsey (2021) reports says that due to the pandemic, digital transformation adoption has skyrocketed, achieving the 7-year plan mark in just a few months. 

According to the World Economic Forum (2020), 55% employers believe that the skills gap in the local job market is a barrier for technology adoption in their organisation. 

McKinsey (2021) report believes that there will be 56 foundational skills that will make one thrive in the future world of jobs. These skills are grouped in 4 categories: 

  • Cognitive skills related to critical thinking, planning and ways of working, communication and mental flexibility
  • Interpersonal skills related to mobilising systems, developing relationships and teamwork effectiveness
  • Self-leadership skills including self-awareness & self-management, entrepreneurial mindset and goals achievement

Digital skills related to digital fluency & citizenship, software use & development, and understanding digital systems.

What does this mean for us today?

This means that now, more than ever, it is time to invest in your personal and professional development to futureproof your career for what awaits ahead. 

It is also clear that Digital Transformation demands a new way of working and not just new technology.

Prepare yourself for the new world of digitisation

ESCP Business School offers an MSc in Digital Transformation Management & Leadership. It was carefully built in 2018 to satisfy the future of work needs. The MSc is built on four core pillars – cognitive skills & leadership, digital technologies, transformation management and professional development, making it an ideal platform for those interested in working in digital transformation and technology projects and settings.

Taught in two of Europe’s most innovative cities – London & Paris, this MSc takes a new, non-traditional business education approach while maintaining the academic rigour with 9 months spent in class and 9 months in professional development. 

ESCP graduates of this programme have found employment with Tech giants like Facebook, Orange, Xiaomi. Some are DT consultants in companies like KPMG or Wavestone, and some are digital transformation experts within established companies like SMCP. Others are innovating the world through start-ups. 

“What I mostly liked about ESCP’s MSc in Digital Transformation Management & Leadership is how it seeks to put business-oriented people and engineers together, which is still quite rare for master’s degree programs today. The program combines business topics with deep dives in the engineering side of technology. This combination has been very helpful for me when passing interviews as firms seek professionals who understand both business and technical imperatives to conduct digital transformation projects.” 

Lirone Oziel, Class of 2021, Digital Transformation Consultant at Wavestone

Through a combination of company consultancy projects, practical seminars and interactive lectures, students learn about the business of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, 3D Printing, Internet of Things, Cryptocurrencies, Machine Learning, Social Media, Blockchain, Robotics, and more.

“When I look back, I have a particularly fond memory of our Strategy class with Davide Sola, where we developed a complete strategy for a company of our choice (Netflix in our case). Another great learning was our Company Consultancy project. We had a real impact by advising a global telecommunications company on digital technologies, mainly on potential applications for 5G at home, stadiums, and concerts. Finally, I gained much knowledge from practitioners and experts who taught as professors or external speakers: I’m notably thinking about Mark Esposito (Brilliant public speaker, co-author of “The AI Republic”), Danielle Khayat Saikaly (Expert on Blockchain), and Gabriel Scali (Expert on AI), to name a few.”

Alois Thieffenat, Class of 2021, Consultant at KPMG Germany, Digital Transformation & Process Excellence department

Recognising the evolving future skills needed for new jobs in the digital era, this MSc specialisation at ESCP also enables participants with the key skills required to thrive in the job market: creative thinking, leadership, emotional intelligence, complex problem-solving, critical thinking, interpersonal and communication skills, and personal brand cultivation. 

So, if you are ready to transform your thinking and gain a competitive edge in the digitalisation or digital transformation environments – get in touch with ESCP Business School now. 

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