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Visual effects are no longer reserved to the film industry. Today, there’s no creative practice that can’t be explored and transformed through this high-powered discipline. The explosion of NFTs brought digital art to the masses and new sources of income and growth for contemporary artists. Audiovisual and immersive projects are proliferating in the creative scene. Motion-tracking technology is providing exciting new possibilities for movement artists. That’s not to mention the visual effects that come so naturally to any filmmaking endeavour. 

Whatever your creative background or ambition, Catalyst’s project-based multidisciplinary 1- year and 3-year HE degree programme is all about using the skills you learn to express your unique voice and forge your own direction in one of the most dynamic and promising creative industries. It’s all about artistic exchange: the team has the knowledge and experience; you’ve got the right questions.  From shooting practical effects with filmmakers to supporting live action footage with real actors, you will be immersed in real-life projects with your creative peers from their Music, Film and Acting programmes. 

Subject areas include 2D and 3D animation, filmmaking, post-production, motion design, matte painting, digital compositing, visual effects supervising, creative coding, audiovisual installations and interactive art. Build an industry-relevant portfolio of real life work from day 1. 

Catalyst is a safe space to dream big. The creative arts and technology learning institute is based at the extraordinary Funkhaus in Berlin, and houses more than 30 professional studios for film and music production. Their groundbreaking curriculums are built on project-based learning and focus on building not just your specialist creative skills but also the real world, everyday skills that will continue to transform your daily life long after you have left Catalyst behind.  

Want to get a taste of what it’s like to study Visual Effects, Digital Arts & Animation courses? Sign-up to any of Catalyst’s events and learn more about their creative community in Berlin. The final Virtual Open Day of this year will take place on Friday the 1st of April, 2022 from 2:00 pm. In this introductory online session, they’ll take you on a live school of our facilities for music, acting and film production, followed by a deep-dive into their approach to visual effects for film productions, animation, audiovisual projects, gaming, interactive installations and digital arts. You will find the complete events calendar here:

Learn more about this hands-on programme from Catalyst tutors and students in this latest video!

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