Improve your English prior to studying abroad

Do you want to study abroad or pursue a degree taught in English, but you are lacking confidence in your language skills? Take a smooth ramp into studying abroad by starting with an English as a Second Language (ESL) course at Campbellsville University.

Campbellsville University is one of the strongest private academic institutions in the southern United States. To increase access to education in the U.S., Campbellsville offers students the opportunity to complete an English language course prior to embarking on an undergraduate or postgraduate course.

The EFL-Online Program (English as a Foreign Language Online Program) is to reach students in their countries to help them improve their English skills, as well as to help reduce their time and expenses with English immersion in the USA.

The course is open to both intermediate level and advanced level students, and can be studied on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, wherever you are. With highly qualified and experienced instructors, you can be sure to be tutored carefully and at your own pace, with interactive and dynamic courses. Class sizes range from 15-20 students, allowing you to mix and share your experiences with your fellow colleagues, and learn how to communicate in English to a wide range of people from different cultures. 

Campbellsville understands that prior to embarking on your undergraduate or postgraduate course, that you might need to balance your ESL studies with a job or your current studies. Therefore, they have limited the instruction to two lessons a week, of an hour each. Once you have completed the necessary core subjects surrounding conversation, grammar, listening, and writing, you will receive an official certificate of completion from Campbellsville University, and you will be ready to start your course!

TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY and register today! There are limited seats available at a very affordable price of $150.00 per course!

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