Career Opportunities: What does the Future have in Store?

Does your head spin at the thought of choosing a career? The modern world is evolving at lightning speed, and making decisions about your future can feel overwhelming! We’re here to help, though – what are the smartest job choices if you’re thinking about the work world of tomorrow?

SEO Specialist
The line between a business and tech career is becoming finer by the second, with BIT solutions now forming an intrinsic part of a company’s operations. An SEO specialist acts as
an assistant to other companies, helping them to optimize their online content so that it rises up the rankings in search engine results. These professionals are critical to increasing and
maintaining client bases across digital marketplaces, making this career a firm favourite for future employers.

EU Business School’s BA (Hons) in Business Management (Business Technology) takes an open approach to teaching tech, giving you the skills needed to understand and navigate
business systems at every level.

Cloud Computing Analyst
Cloud computing is rapidly becoming a ubiquitous component of the modern workplace. By improving accessibility and security, and saving companies money on storage capacities,
cloud technology makes for better business all around. Collaborative projects are also easier, giving cloud-savvy companies a competitive edge when it comes to revenue growth.
Experts in this field help create more efficient infrastructures with healthier profit margins – it would be tough to find a more in-demand skill set!

The MBA in Cloud Computing at EU Business School is one of the most comprehensive
pathways into this essential and fast-growing market.

Digital Marketing Director
Digital marketing directors oversee a company’s digital marketing strategy. Analytical, with a creative touch, they are in charge of devising and implementing solutions, whilst also
managing and training a range of other marketing professionals. From brand awareness to website traffic, specialists in this area take charge of the factors set to make or break the
companies of the future.

A Master in Digital Marketing, Transformation and Design Thinking from EU Business School gives you a solid foundation in the essentials of marketing for the online business world,pushing you to develop the entrepreneurial mindset required to step out of traditional

These positions are just the tip of the iceberg! No matter where your career takes you, EU’s programs make sure you have the flexibility and know-how to handle whatever the future
may hold. EU Business School (EU) has been educating future entrepreneurs and business leaders since 1973. We offer innovative foundation, bachelor’s, master’s and MBA programs on our campuses
located in the dynamic business hubs of Barcelona, Geneva, Montreux and Munich, as well as online. We believe in hands-on, pragmatic learning that will give you the real-world skills to excel. We
encourage the disruptive ideas and out-of-the-box thinking you need to develop the entrepreneurial skills and creative mindset for success in the workplace of the future. To find out more about our wide
range of programs, visit our website

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