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Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management, located in Syracuse, New York, USA presents a vibrant and student-focused community, perfect for welcoming top scholars and students from all around the world.

At Whitman, graduate students who are passionate about management are presented with effective, state-of-the-art curricula, aimed at shaping them into bold and boundless leaders in the main areas of Finance, Business Analytics, accounting, Marketing and more

Students with a STEM background, or those who are specifically interested in an MBA, will also find the academic offerings to be stimulating and enriching, equipping them with the skills to thrive and transform the future of business.

Indeed, digitalisation, data analytics and Big Data are only a few among the many  courses offered within the MBA programme, along with soft skill development, which is crucial in order to develop more resilient, innovative and forward-thinking leaders.

The curricula are constantly updated, in order to offer students more experiential learning and skills that are sought after in the real world, while digging into hands-on on-campus projects or on-site collaborations with companies. Nevertheless, the Whitman School of Management leaves a mark on its students that does not stop with graduation: indeed, Leadership and Vision are two of the main drivers of the School and part of its mission, as the objective of the faculty is to not only prepare students for academic success, but also to promote engaged citizenship, lifelong learning and to produce high-impact research.

Integrity, inclusion, collaboration, innovation and excellence are Whitman’s Core Values and, speaking of inclusion, diversity is a direct result of it.

At Whitman, opportunities are around the corner, and students with all types of background are welcome to cooperate, exchange points of views and create life experiences while representing their cultures and belief systems.

Indeed, now more than ever, globalisation has impacted the way professionals are being shaped for the global job market. Internationally diverse talents are valued more and more in today’s world, and acquiring the ability to navigate the newest technologies while displaying innovation and creative thinking is only one of the perks of earning a degree at Syracuse University.

The faculty and staff are the epitome for diversity as well, including internationally known scholars and researchers, along with entrepreneurs and business leaders: this ensures students get the best guidance there is, as well as providing extra support and exploratory learning opportunities.

To find out more about the curricula offered at Syracuse that will prepare you to lead in the global business environment:

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