ThePowerMBA: What is it all about?

ThePowerMBA is a highly practical and up-to-date online program, where you learn from the best professionals in the modern business world via 15-minute classes. It will help you to gain a unique understanding of business to accelerate your career, launch, or scale your own business – all for minimal investment of time and money. 

This sounds fantastic, right? But what modules will be covered in ThePowerMBA?

Through eight modules, and a bonus final module, students enrolled on ThePowerMBA will cover subjects surrounding business leadership, marketing, finance, and more. For those that have or are looking to launch a start-up, you will benefit from learning how to create a lean business model, how to scale efficiently, raising capital, and how to manage tech in an ever increasing digital world. Some students might already be a leader in business, or manage a team. The course will provide you with practical skills in talent management and HR; and you will be learning this through tips and insights from experts that have been there and done that!

The modules will take around 10-months to complete, through daily 15-min power lessons, and will cover:

  • Business Model innovation
  • Testing Business Ideas & The Lean Startup
  • Business and Marketing Strategies
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship & Fundraising
  • The Power of Being a (Digital) Marketer
  • Finance & Accounting
  • HR & Talent Management
  • Bonus: Disruptive Tech in Business

Around 50% of the learning is via theory classes. Here you get a real understanding of how business works in today’s world through key frameworks. 30% of content is learned through case studies, analysing successful business cases with founders and top executives to consolidate your knowledge. These insights will be available via videos which you can pause, save, and go back to throughout the course. You also have the option to share certain classes with your friends or colleagues! The final 20% of the course is combined with insights from key people, giving you the opportunity to gain powerful insights from experts in specific areas like Digital Marketing, Lean Startups or Entrepreneurship.

Whilst you will benefit from being able to study from any device and any location around the world, you will still have a network of fellow students from your cohort, and also be able to attend some of the 250 global meet-ups throughout the year. 

Still have questions? Docsity can put you in touch with someone who was in your shoes some months ago, with your same goals, and has managed to reach them through the help of ThePowerMBA.

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