How a Warwick Business School Masters can change your perspective and prepare you for a future role

WBS alumni share their thoughts on how their MSc courses prepared and inspired them to take their first steps towards an exciting new career path.

A great way to get out of your comfort zone

Alexandre Jornod – Market Analyst, Futuresource Consulting
MSc Management

I work at Futuresource Consulting, a UK-based market research and consulting firm specialised in the technology and media industries. We track markets and key developments across devices, content and technology and we work with many different companies, including audio manufacturers, content providers and tech companies.

The MSc Management provided me with the tools and mind-set to quickly identify the key factors that could impact a given market. My current job shares many similarities with some of the case studies we did during the course. In that sense, it gave me the right skills to properly analyse markets and businesses. My MSc has been particularly useful in allowing to pinpoint a firm’s competitive advantages and how it can build a winning strategy by capitalising on its strengths.

The MSc Management at WBS is really a once in a lifetime experience, a great way to get out of your comfort zone. Meeting people from different backgrounds and learning from a class-leading academic team is particularly rewarding. The great variety of elective modules also allows to tailor the learning experience to individual career objectives. In only one year, this course helps getting solid basis to approach a successful career and build an extensive network of future business connections. 

The value of the course I took at WBS was immense in helping me gear up for the challenges of the practical world

Sahila Chandihok – Senior Brand Manager, Johnson & Johnson
MSc Marketing & Strategy

Working in brand management I am working with a vibrant, diverse and cross functional team. As part of my job I analyse the market environment and the macro and microeconomic changes to build a strong brand strategy for the future.

The value of the course I took was immense in helping me gear up for the challenges of the practical world. Strategic thinking was one of the key assets gained during my learning journey at WBS. I apply this skill on a daily basis in the professional world and I experience regularly how it gives me an upper edge in identifying compelling solutions. 

Fostering change drives me. I consider it both an opportunity as well as an obligation to facilitate improvements and change where I can. It is extremely important for me to navigate this process. WBS has given me the opportunities and the tools to do so. Are you ready to equip yourself with the knowledge, experience and confidence to achieve your goals and improve the world for the better? Download our MSc brochure to find out more.

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