A new way of learning for a new way of working: discover the new MSc in Transformative Sustainability

Bocconi University and Politecnico di Milano have each leveraged their own unique areas of expertise to design the new MSc in Transformative Sustainability, a joint degree with an integrated and innovative perspective on sustainability. Starting from September 2022, students will have the possibility to benefit from the best of two worlds, spending each year one semester at Bocconi University and one semester at Politecnico.

Addressing the need for transformative sustainability means promoting a profound transformation inside companies, which is based on the ability to integrate different skills and competencies, from technological ones to those related to the social sciences.

This is well shown in the structure of the program. In fact, in first yearthe main aim is to strengthen the fundamentals of sustainability management and economics as well as of the key enabling technologies for sustainability transition. Meanwhile, the second year focuses on developing the practical tools necessary to drive the sustainability change and gives students the opportunity to choose a personalized path, depending on their interests and ambitions.

Classes at Bocconi will be held at the new SDA Bocconi Campus, a well-known sustainable project and one of the new symbols of the vibrant city of Milan that each year welcomes young students from all over the world.

And this is just the beginning: the careers paths that will follow are extremely inspiring and required today. Just to mention some, graduates can decide to become Sustainability Manager Specialists, driving the transformations and supporting the sustainable growth inside companies, or they can opt for being Sustainability Analysts for consulting companies and financial institutions, contributing to projects that help clients in improving their processes or practices toward sustainability. Finally, another possible route is represented by Sustainable Entrepreneurs, able to innovate the market through new business models and disruptive companies, integrating sustainability at the core of their activities and purpose.

If you’re interested in acquiring the knowledge and tools needed to transition companies toward a sustainable business and management approach, you have time until 26 May to apply for Bocconi MSc in Transformative Sustainability!

Visit this link for all further information on the program and admission procedures, or watch the video presentation to learn more and dig into the contents and specific features.

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