Build your Global Leadership Capacity with a master’s in international business from Smith School of Business

What does it take to effectively lead in today’s globalized world? Technology has enabled connections between us like never before, so even when we might not set out to work ‘globally’, we may find ourselves in situations where we are connecting with people around the world. An understanding of different cultures, different perspectives and different value-systems are key to the successful navigation of these encounters

As you think about starting your career, the idea of being a leader may seem like a more long-term goal; perhaps you equate leadership to something that only very senior-level people are responsible for, but the fact is that leadership can be demonstrated at any level and the earlier you can find ways to demonstrate this ability, the more likely you are to be identified as someone worth investing in.

What can you be doing at this stage in your life/career to prepare you for those global opportunities to lead? 

  1. Develop your self-awareness. A strong understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, values and problem-solving approach are foundational elements of leadership development.
  2. Build your emotional and cultural intelligence. Honing your skills in connecting with people on more than a surface level, demonstrating active listening and adapting and flexing your approach and style with different people and in different environments. 
  3. Polish your communication skills and shape your professional presence which are skills that will definitely help you stand out from others. Leaning into activities that enable you to practice these regularly are ideal for growth. 

By focusing on opportunities that will enable you to expand not only your understanding of leadership, but how you can leverage those experiences to hone your own style and approach, you will be ready to take on that next challenge, whatever it looks like.

The Master of International Business program at the Smith School of Business provides many such opportunities. From semester exchange, to double degrees to leading a diverse team through a real-world global consulting project, the program is designed to help you master the world of international business and achieve accelerated career growth upon graduation. 

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