Empowering Future Finance Leaders:How EDHEC Career Centre Elevates Master Students To Career Triumph

In the dynamic world of finance, achieving career success requires more than just academic excellence; it demands strategic guidance and industry insights. Chloé Levy, Career Centre Manager of the Finance track, reveals how EDHEC’s Career Centre empowers aspiring finance leaders, bridging the gap between academic journey and professional triumph, and highlighting its crucial role in shaping finance industry leaders.

Here’s our conversation with Chloé:

Can you describe your role and the unique approach of the EDHEC Career Centre for students pursuing a Master in Finance?

As the manager of EDHEC’s Finance Career Centre, I lead a team of experts with a rich experience, including my background of over 10 years of experience in a major French bank. Together, we guide students through the complex, competitive job market, acting as a bridge between their academic education and professional success. We provide tailored support and an in-depth understanding of the finance job market that aligns with the ambitious goals of our students.
A unique and distinguished aspect of our approach lies in the specialized structure of our Career Centre. It is organized by areas of expertise: one team is dedicated to Finance and another in Business Management. This specialized approach is a very differentiating strength when it comes to supporting our students and places us in the 1st position in France (FT 2023 Master in Management), a testament to our commitment to student success.

What are the current trends and changes in the finance job market that students need to be aware of?

The finance job market is undergoing significant shifts towards sustainability and technology, however high-paying opportunities remain in sectors such as M&A, Private Equity, and Hedge Funds.
The two emerging trends, sustainability and technology, are reshaping financial planning and investment management. Sustainability, with its increasing focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria, highlights a move towards responsible investing. This trend is boosting demand for roles such as ESG analysts, ESG portfolio managers, and sustainable investment advisors. Meanwhile, technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI), is driving a shift towards automated financial processes. This change in the finance sector shows the importance of skills in managing real-time data and using AI for personalized investment strategies and risk assessment.
For students entering the finance industry, adaptability, technological proficiency, and an understanding of ethical investment practices are essential. The evolving landscape demands a diverse skill set, including analytical abilities and knowledge of ESG, to successfully navigate the complexities of the modern finance sector.

How does the Career Centre prepare students for their future careers in finance?

The strength of EDHEC’s Career Centre lies in offering a tailor-made service to each student. We offer industry knowledge, advice, and strategies to overcome challenges, and we are committed to preparing students for their professional goals. Our Career Booster Program is meticulously designed to support students’ professional ambitions, covering career planning, interview skills, and employer connections. With over 3,500 one-on-one coaching sessions annually and the Assessment Centre providing practical experience, through real-world simulations, recruitment events, and access to job boards for internships and job opportunities, we ensure our students are equipped with the tools and support necessary for success in the competitive finance sector.

What specific resources and events does the Career Centre offer for those pursuing finance careers?

The Career Booster Program is specifically designed and includes strategic career planning, recruitment process training, and networking events, featuring over 80 tailored activities. A highlight of the program is the Assessment Centre, offering practical training through real-world simulations – real-world tests, group exercises, case studies and individual interviews with professionals and experts – and exclusive recruitment events like the Finance Career Day and the Finance Recruitment Days, ensuring students have full support and gain exclusive access to global job opportunities.

What career outcomes can finance graduates from EDHEC expect?

Graduates secure esteemed positions in top French and international financial institutions, with 84% entering the finance industry, while the rest are mainly going to consulting. They are highly sought after by leading companies, reflecting the high-profile employment outcomes that come with an EDHEC Master in Finance degree. Our young graduates secure jobs in Corporate Finance, Financial Markets, and Consulting in world-renowned companies such as: Société Générale, CACIB, KPMG, Mazars, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BlackRock, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, UBS, Rothschild & Co, and many more.

Could you share success stories of students who have benefited from the Career Centre’s support?

A: Success stories like Marie, who progressed from internships in Paris as a fund manager to a trader role at JP Morgan in London, and Gregory, who progressed from consulting to an M&A analyst position at Société Générale, illustrate the effectiveness and impact of EDHEC’s Career Centre. These stories highlight the Career Centre’s crucial role in guiding students towards achieving their career goals and they emphasize the real strengths of graduating with an EDHEC’s Master in Finance.

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