Choose the perfect study destination to make your skills bloom: the University of Southern Denmark will give you all the tools you need.

Are you an international student who is looking for a chance to immerse yourself in a truly unique environment? If the answer is yes, look no further: The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) is the place that will truly bring out the best in you.

Located on the German-Danish border region, SDU will allow you to get an excellent education while getting to know students from all over the world.  You’ll also be enjoying life outside the classroom with all sorts of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, climbing, or just relaxing on the sandy beaches. The campus is in Sønderborg, which is known for its beautiful architecture and stunning scenery. It is home to a wide range of international study programs and consists of more than 1,300 students from over 120 different nations. The University of Southern Denmark offers over 120 courses taught in English and is a popular study destination for international students, both from Scandinavia and from around the world. 

The campus houses state-of-the-art laboratories and excellent teaching facilities, which ensure optimal conditions and surroundings for researchers and students. This creates a unique, international environment in which academic life will be top-notch, too. Indeed, you will experience engaged teachers and receive top-quality guidance and support from your supervisor and give back to the community through the many student associations – to ensure that you will never be bored or feel lost on the path to achieving your degree and finding yourself.

With SDU, you will explore new cultures and make lifelong friends who will enrich you in ways you never thought possible: find your people while experiencing that international student life in bars, nightclubs, live music, cinema, music festivals, and art and culture venues. And, if nightlife is not really your thing, you can enjoy kite surfing, football, fitness, dancing, fishing, rowing, sailing, horse riding, handball, hunting, golf, tennis, and more – just choose what you like best.

All of Europe will be within your reach, with major cities such as Flensburg, Hamburg, and Kiel being close neighbors, while the well-developed infrastructure with a freeway and airport ensures short distances to other metropolitan areas such as Berlin and Copenhagen.

All great – you might say – but what about the practical experience?
The SDU Sønderborg campus offers a tremendous advantage in the form of close ties with the business community, which will leave you ready for that seamless transition to the professional world once you’ve graduated.  
Still debating whether or not SDU is the right fit for you? You should know that when you start a study program in Sønderborg, SDU offers you a housing guarantee that applies to the normal start of studies in August/September and ensures your student accommodation (room/1-room) in the period from 1 August to 1 January. Get to know what it feels like to be an international student at SDU by listening to the experience of Alexandra and discover why she decided to come all the way to Sønderborg  to pursue her dreams.

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