Create A Path That Leads To Excellence With An International Study Offer

Some of the most liked international programmes students pursue in Europe is Engineering. There are various branches to choose from in engineering, with many career opportunities that both national and international students can venture in. 

European universities that offer engineering curriculums benefit from providing students with competitive offers while building the necessary skills. Studying engineering in Europe is also cost-effective as many universities have low tuition fees, even the best ones. 

How about starting your academic studies in France? There are various advantages to studying engineering in France, such as: 

  • France offers a range of degree programmes which you can conclude with a higher education
  • It has some of the best engineering programmes worldwide
  • France has a thriving culture with many great career opportunities

In just 3 years, you could build your path towards excellence by undertaking an Engineering program taught in English at a renowned institution such as CESI Graduate School of Engineering. 

CESI & Internationalization

The CESI Graduate School of Engineering, founded in 1958 by industrial enterprises, today enrols 26,000 students over 25 campuses in France and features state-of-the-art facilities.

The three major study areas available to students are industry, construction, information technology, and digital media.

Their Engineering programmes allow students to build a tailor-made career path through Problem and Project Based Learning. This teaching method will give students the skills to adapt effectively in the workforce. 

By placing internationalisation at the heart of its strategic and educational project, CESI offers its students an authentic multicultural experience as international students. Through specific programmes, students and professionals attending a CESI Engineering course can prepare for further specialisation to excel in their chosen field. This is also possible thanks to more than 130 partnerships with universities worldwide. 

Furthermore, thanks to their Summer School in English, international students can immerse themselves in an intercultural experience even before attending the Engineering programme. 

So are you ready to live a truly international experience in a European institution and kick-start your path of excellence to succeed in engineering? Learn more about CESI.

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