Discover the Hidden Gem of Italy: University of Tuscia

Unitus Call for International Scholarships for the Academic Year 2023/24 it’s open now!

The University of Tuscia welcomes International Students interested in enrolling in a Bachelor or Master Degree Program.

A Call for applications (38 scholarships and 62 instalment contributions) are opened to International Students interested in one of Master Degree Program totally taught in English:

  • Circular Economy,
  • Forestry and Environmental Sciences,
  • Marine Biology and Ecology,
  • Mechanical Engineering,
  • Plant biotechnology for food and global health,
  • Security and Human Rights.

An additional call for applications (15 scholarships and 27 instalment contributions) will be available for students enrolling in Bachelor’s degree programmes taught in Italian.

For both calls, Unitus will activate two types of grants:

  • Scholarships (no full-funded): € 7,000 for the first year of study,
  • Instalment Contribution (lump sum): € 2,000.

In addition, there will also be a fee waiver (except for the regional stamp duty) for all winners.

Beneficiaries of the scholarship will all benefit from full tuition fee reduction (€ 1,000 value); in any case the student must pay € 156,00 in revenue stamp and regional taxes.

Open Days for the presentation of the Calls for Scholarship will be held on line; here the links to register on it:

For Master Degree Programme

21st April from 2.30 to 4.30 PM (CET TIME) registration form

3rd May from 2.30 to 4.30 PM (CET TIME) registration form

For Bachelor Degree Programme

21st April from 10.30 to 11.30 AM (CET TIME) registration form

3rd May from 10.30 to 11.30 AM (CET TIME) registration form

Extra UE students who would like to study at UNITUS find all info about Enrolment procedure and Scholarship here.

You can also find out the list of programmes at University of Tuscia here

The University of Tuscia offers further opportunities with additional calls for scholarships for International Students sent by Hanoi University HANU (Vietnam), for International Women students from Afghanistan and Iran, for refugee students thanks to the UNICORE project, for Post-Graduate Students (Somali nationality) from Somali National University (SNU). Students can also apply for regional scholarships provided by LazioDiSCo, which include accommodation in the student residence. For further information, please visit our website.

Our University

The University of Tuscia was founded in Viterbo in 1979, and has rapidly developed to become a reference place for education and learning, offering courses that focus on topics relevant to the territory and to real-world problems.

The educational activities are managed by six Departments offering 18 Bachelor’s degree courses, 19 Master of Science degree courses and 2 single-cycle Master’s degree courses (lasting five years). The University of Tuscia also offers seven Doctoral research (PhD) programmes with specialization in all fields of research in domains such as Physical Sciences and Engineering, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences and Humanities. All degree programs are built in line with the European standards for quality assurance in order to satisfy the needs of the national and international job markets.

Why study at UNITUS?

  • because among the Italian public universities, we are the one with the highest level of student satisfaction.
  • because our teaching and tutoring staff is a dedicated team of passionate professors committed to the educational development of our students and of a well-prepared and highly available technical-administrative professionals committed to solving student problems every day.
  • because our Course Catalogue is rich and always adapted to the demands of the job market.
  • because various international rankings place us among the top 5% of universities worldwide.
  • because students can take part in numerous national and international research projects; the University of Tuscia ranks first among Italian universities with fewer than 10,000 students by attracting European funds, and four Departments out of six have been awarded  Departments of excellence by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR).
  • because our students always find a welcoming and interactive place in the classrooms and have ample internal and external common spaces available in our six campuses.
  • because the academic calendar and exam sessions are flexible in order to allow students to effectively manage their time.
  • because our students have numerous opportunities for internships, workshops, seminars and project work that allow them to better complete their higher education and compete in the job market.
  • because we are an international university, with many programmes to study abroad, thanks also to our ability to attract EU funds and to over 450 collaboration agreements with universities and research institutions around the world.
  • because our students can learn in state-of-the-art laboratories and in facilities such as the Experimental Didactic Farm, the Botanical Garden, the Experimental Ichthyogenic Center at the “Saline di Tarquinia” nature reserve, the Large Facilities Center, the University Museum System and the Center for Alpine Studies.
  • because we have a library system with a wealth of books of great value, with reading rooms that can also be used in the evening and on weekends.
  • because we have cutting-edge software and hardware systems for innovative and multimedia teaching, that facilitate studies and allow us to overcome those obstacles that limit the inclusion of students with disabilities or specific learning disabilities and support working students.
  • because the land of Tuscia is the ideal place for those who want to study in Italy: high quality of life, low costs, high quality of university education and proximity to the metropolitan area of ​​Rome. In addition, The land of Tuscia is full of famous places where the Etruscans have left traces of their civilization.

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