Experience the art of gastronomy: discover the unique world of the University of Gastronomic Sciences at Pollenzo

Gastronomy is an ever-growing industry, thanks to the increasing attention and desire to discover the culinary heritage of each country and region. This interest is reflected in consumer purchasing choices, which increasingly seek quality and traditional products. Furthermore, gastronomy is also a crucial factor for economic development in many regions, thanks to the promotion of their specialties and local culture.

The University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo is a true excellence in the Italian and international university landscape. Founded in 2004 by Slow Food International and located in the heart of Piedmont, this niche institution is a real treasure trove for gastronomy, oenology, and sustainability enthusiasts.

Its unique academic curriculum focuses on food and drink philosophy, sustainability, and the relationship between humans and nature. Its faculty of teachers and world-renowned experts in the field of gastronomy is committed to training highly qualified professionals. Once graduated, the students can choose to become experts in communication and marketing in the sector, entrepreneurs, food activists, consultants, responsible for educational projects and researchers.

The campus offers top-notch education that includes knowledge of raw materials, skills in processing and valorization, environmental sustainability, and technological innovation. Students have the opportunity to learn through theoretical lessons, practical laboratories, tastings, and study trips in Europe and abroad.

Study trips give students unique access to knowledge about the world’s gastronomic cultures and showcase the contrasts that define various gastronomic cultures, providing students with a more profound comprehension. Typically, they revolve around the chains of production, processing, distribution, and consumption, involving activities like guided tours, workshops, visits, and tastings

UNISG is also known for its strong social commitment, as demonstrated by the Food For Inclusion project, in collaboration with UNHCR. This project aims to promote social and employment inclusion of refugees in the Piedmont region. The innovative training model combines formal and informal educational approaches with experiential learning and job integration internships. The program involves all the actors involved in the migratory process and social inclusion. After completing the university training, each refugee has an internship of at least three months in selected restaurants. The project also involves educators, operators, UNISG professors, reception center managers, and restaurateurs. The latter could become potential employers for the refugees.

Furthermore, the University is active in numerous research activities and collaborates with institutions from all over the world to develop innovative projects in the field of food sustainability.

The educational offering is very broad and covers the training of students from the three-year degree to post-specialization master’s degrees.

If you are passionate about gastronomy, environmental sustainability, and technological innovation, the University of Gastronomic Sciences is the right choice. Visit the website to request more information about its educational offering and to learn about all its projects. Choose the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo for a unique and unforgettable study experience!

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