Geneva: The First Step in Your Business Career

Mazin Khan is a Human Resources Consultant at United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). He elected to lay the foundations for his professional journey at EU Business School’s Geneva campus, surrounded by international organizations, NGOs, multinational corporations and many famous bastions of international trade. In an exclusive interview, the former class valedictorian explains why the Swiss city is the perfect incubator for business careers.

A Global Family in the Heart of Europe

Geneva acts as a central European meeting point for culture, finance and innovation from all over the world. Its reputation for diplomacy, together with its established history as a global business player renders the city a hub of career opportunities. Mazin describes EU’s student body as “outstanding”, noting how it fully reflects Geneva’s global spirit: “A 27,000 strong alumni network across 100 countries surely makes for a thriving community.”

Students at EU’s Geneva campus enjoy on-site company visits, interactive workshops and sessions featuring guest speakers. Mazin states that this immersive approach to education helps people to “figure out your timeline of what you should be doing and when throughout the year.” This regular contact with industry professionals across a range of events and activities also allows for a head start on essential networking. “Throughout your time at university, it is important to build contacts as they will serve as your references later on and can inform you of valuable opportunities within your field,” says Mazin. 

Embracing a Real-World Learning Experience

The widespread opportunities available in Geneva are made more accessible by the unique structure of EU’s bachelor’s and master’s courses. Small class sizes permit greater interaction between class peers, whilst simultaneously allowing professors – all of whom are seasoned business professionals in their area of expertise – to offer support to individual students as they require. When the time comes to put away the textbooks,“access to numerous internships through the Careers Department ensures you broaden your education beyond the classroom and into the real world,” emphasizes Mazin. 

Preparing for a Career

With regard to maximizing the potential of Geneva’s professional offerings, Mazin advises students to remain aware of current market needs and shifts: “Staying up to date with industry trends, news and technology gives you a competitive advantage over other candidates,” he explains. In line with EU’s hands-on education philosophy, Mazin also recommends that students undertake internships and summer jobs, considering them “a chance to understand what daily life in the industry of your choice is like.” 

Mazin appreciates the importance of being a well-rounded person when it comes to success in business. His time at EU Business School’s Geneva campus has endowed him with “a plethora of hard and soft skills, such as in-depth technical knowledge of my area of expertise, time management and other on-the-job skills like effective communication and leadership.” 

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