How Studying Abroad Can Prepare You For The Workforce

The world of work is ever-changing. Technology, the use of machines and artificial intelligence to inform how we do business, and the increasing connectivity of who we work with will require a unique set of skills and abilities. These are facts we all know. The question then becomes, how do you best prepare for this rapid change? What skills and abilities will enable us to continue to evolve and add value to our workplaces, build our careers, and drive impact in our professional lives?

Many students are looking for ways to differentiate themselves, demonstrate their ability to embrace change and contribute regardless of the changing nature of business. One of the ways this is possible is through studying abroad. 

The value of engaging in a study abroad experience comes primarily in being able to identify with a wide range of people and perspectives and the tremendous growth students experience. The Smith School of Business, a university gateway to global experiences, has identified four aspects of why studying abroad can strongly impact your future.


Moving to a new country, or perhaps several new countries gives you an enhanced understanding of what you are capable of. It gives you confidence in knowing you can manage something new and different by expanding your perspective, values and identity. 


The need to focus on solutions, navigate the unknown and take responsibility for your path helps curate your leadership capacity and sheds light on how you can make an impact. Going abroad often requires you to communicate with a wide range of people worldwide.  

Cultural Intelligence

Whether navigating a new city or country or simply a new organization, companies seek individuals who can execute, regardless of their environment. The ability to adapt to your new surroundings, be flexible and understand the level at which you need to change your approach, behaviour or even your language is highly sought after. Studying abroad has plenty of those challenges. 

Managing Ambiguity

The last three years have challenged us in ways we could not have imagined. Our understanding of life in a global pandemic has constantly been evolving and required many of us to make significant life decisions without knowing what was coming next. A study abroad experience can feel like you’re doing that same thing as you step out into something new. 

The Master of International Business program at Smith School of Business, Queen’s University in Canada, for example, is a degree that was well ahead of its time. Built on the premise that future leaders require a strong global perspective, the program provides an unprecedented global opportunity for students looking to ‘future-proof’ their skills, build a global network and see the world. Available in 12, 16 & 24-month options, the student can complement their studies in international business at Queen’s with a semester exchange at one of over 50 global business school partners or opt for a double degree and further specialize their studies. 

Grasp the opportunity

At times taking on a new challenge like moving and studying abroad can seem overwhelming. You aren’t sure what the future may hold and how this experience may go, but you won’t know until you try. The positive experiences of studying abroad trump the negative ones, and students can reach a new potential. 

So why not start by discovering more about The Smith School of Business and many more opportunities?

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