Switch lanes, head north – meet the University of Agder in Norway

Whether succeeding in their chosen program or successfully finishing exams on time, every student wants to make the most out of their academic experience.

Having a combination of high academic standards and a variety of activities to indulge in can make all the difference. After all, wouldn’t you want to relax at the beach or go for a hike and take in breathtaking views after a week of challenging assignments and studying?  

Students seeking this balance and wanting to discover and experience the Scandinavian way of life choose the University of Agder (UiA).

With campuses at both Kristiansand and Grimstad, UiA prides itself on being able to offer priority research centres and is focused on being current and innovative. In addition, sunny Kristiansand is known for its sandy beaches, music festivals, vibrant arts and cultural scene, and is one of the best biking cities in Norway. At the Grimstad campus, students are spoilt by viewpoints of the city and the campus’s natural surroundings. 

UiA’s mission of co-creating tomorrow’s knowledge fosters an open-door policy between students and staff and a community of equality and inclusion. With over 60 student associations and a strong focus on student welfare through student organisations, programmes and networks, UiA spares no effort at helping its students to achieve their full potential by starting well in a new and innovative environment.  

To top it all off, students from the EU/EEA study tuition-free at UiA! It is no wonder that UiA is considered one of the top universities for international students

Learn more about UiA and its English-taught programmes for international students.

The deadline for applications for EU/EEA students is 1 March

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