Meet the CBS MBA Programme: The Launchpad to a fulfilling career in Scandinavia

Ready to take your career to new heights in the heart of Scandinavia? Let us introduce you to the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) MBA Programme, an exclusive journey that combines rigorous academics, real-world experiences, and an extensive alumni network. With CBS, you’re not just learning – you’re stepping into a world of opportunities and transformative experiences that will redefine your professional journey. Are you ready to be a part of it?

At the forefront of business education in Scandinavia is Copenhagen Business School (CBS), a prestigious institution that attracts students from around the globe. As a triple-accredited business school, it’s among the 1% of schools worldwide to hold this recognition, and it has the largest alumni society of its kind in the region. The school is also highly ranked in Europe and situated in Copenhagen’s vibrant and innovative city, making it an ideal school for professionals to elevate their careers.

In Denmark, work-life balance and self-development are encouraged; the country offers the world’s top working environment. The dedicated CBS careers team assists participants in securing opportunities in the region; in fact, around 70% of participants choose to work in Copenhagen upon graduation, and the average salary increase is 50%. Transitioning to working in Denmark is highly feasible as Denmark offers one of the best post-MBA visa systems in the world; third-country nationals that graduate from the progamme are automatically granted a job-seeking period of 3 years with the right to work and this is also granted to accompanying partners and family members.

“When choosing an MBA programme, location and quality were really important for me. What I like about the fact that we got so close as a cohort, it really enriched our experiences in the classroom. We weren’t afraid to push each other in the classroom and weren’t afraid to challenge each other, or the professors, to dig deeper into the different topics we were discussing. And I think that made the learning experience that much richer.”

Louise chose CBS for its quality education and ideal location. After living abroad for 12 years, she craved the international aspects of a big city with the Scandinavian flair she missed. She found CBS fit the bill perfectly.

After her MBA placement, CBS’s career services helped Louise find the right role. Her internship at Danske Bank allowed her to apply her newfound skills and gain exposure to different parts of the organization. She was offered a full-time position after two months and never looked back.

Louise’s transformative experience at CBS helped her crystalize her career vision and connect with lifelong friends.

The CBS career team is a crucial component of the student journey. Providing personalized advice, interview preparation sessions, and access to a priceless network of contacts, the team works tirelessly to ensure every student receives the opportunities they deserve.

When it comes to internship opportunities, CBS truly stands out. The chance to put the skills acquired during the MBA into practice, gain firsthand experience, and network with potential employers is invaluable. These experiences often lead to full-time job offers, making internships crucial in a student’s professional journey.

The CBS MBA is not just a degree program; it’s a launchpad for a rewarding career in Scandinavia. 

Don’t hesitate to follow in Louise’s footsteps and choose CBS for your MBA.
With their triple-accredited program, top European rankings, and internship opportunities, the possibilities are endless!

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