Choose a charming and prestigious University in Southern Italy as your next study destination

With its nearly eight-century history of activity, the University of Federico II offers international students the possibility to combine high-level professional training programmes while enjoying the joyful and lively atmosphere of the city of Naples, a place rich in history and strong local culture.

Celebrating its first 800 years soon, Federico II is the oldest established public state university in the world and is now one of the biggest research hubs in the south of Italy. Besides its longstanding tradition, internationalization is a core priority for the university, whose aim is that of preserving high standards in all fields of education and research. The university has, indeed, been expanding its position in the global academic panorama over the years, and among the numerous projects offered, students are presented with the opportunity of studying within a network of institutes of excellence, both in Italy and abroad, through exchange programmes in Europe, the US, Asia, and Africa.  As a matter of fact, many of the graduates are now established professionals working all over the globe!

Did we catch your attention? There’s more to it!

Federico II has been ranked among the Top 150 best universities in the world and #6 among Italian universities according to the Center for World University ranking. 

Its educational offer counts 170 courses (of which 16 are offered in English and 8 in English and Italian) in 13 different teaching areas. 

Still not convinced? Beautiful Naples definitely will!

The University buildings are scattered all over the city and within the heart of its historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is just around the corner.

Being a student at Federico II, you get a chance to explore the city, enjoy some Neapolitan delicacies and discover a never-ending historical culture all while working on your future in a top-quality institution. Moreover, the Neapolitan way of life and hospitality will definitely make you fall in love with the city.

Talking about hospitality, the University of Federico II offers international students special tax concessions and scholarships. Furthermore, its International Relations Office provides assistance for newcomers to support them through the enrollment process and throughout their studies. 

Interested in joining the University of Federico II programmes? Have a look here

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