Discover the Parisian School of Upcoming Designers – Autograf

France is known worldwide for its culture, cuisine, monuments, and the beauty of its landscapes. Living in France can be an extraordinary experience for those seeking new adventures and opportunities. 

The Parisian Design School Autograf offers its students the opportunity to live and study in France, learn the language, and acquire design skills through a wide range of courses covering four main categories of Graphic & Digital Design, Interior Design, Video Game & 3D animation, Manga & Japanese Animation, and Sustainable Design Management.

Autograf students can gain professional experience through internships of varying durations, depending on their study program, allowing them to acquire practical knowledge of their subject matter and easily integrate into the workforce. Additionally, students can choose study-work courses that allow them to study and work simultaneously, providing numerous benefits, including gaining professional experience for their resume, a reduction in tuition fees, and receiving a salary.

Furthermore, Autograf provides a unique advantage of maintaining small class sizes. This approach fosters a dynamic and personalized learning environment, allowing students to collaborate closely in small groups on a variety of projects. The dedicated faculty members at Autograf offer individualized support and guidance, ensuring that each student receives the attention required to excel.

Autograf takes pride in offering recognized diplomas to its students through the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. These diplomas include a prestigious European diploma (FEDE) and an RNCP-certified title, certified by France Comp├ętences, which ensures that graduates from Autograf possess qualifications that are highly valued and respected in the professional design industry.

To help students find professional experience or company, Autograf has a vast network of partner companies with whom it has been collaborating for 40 years. The school provides continuous support throughout the process of finding an internship or company.

Autograf is also committed to welcoming international students by providing them with continuous support in course selection, enrollment, and housing procedures. The school also offers dedicated programs for French as a foreign language (FLE), which allows students to learn the language during their studies and additional French courses during their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Ultimately, studying at Autograf in Paris provides international students with help and support, a unique academic and professional experience, and the opportunity to live in one of the world’s most beautiful and culturally vibrant cities. Autograf is an ideal option for students seeking high-quality design education, along with the unique experience of living and studying in one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

Curious to know more about Autograf? Visit this page to get all the information you need!

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