Syracuse University in New York, USA offers programs for students from all over the world.

Check out this story from a current MBA student!

Anushree Jagdish ’23 MBA: 

MBA Program Introduces Real-World Scenarios, New Traditions and a Welcoming “Orange Family”

Anushree Jagdish ’23 MBA came to the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University in New York, USA after working in advertising in her home country of India for a number of years. Equipped with an undergraduate degree in finance, she hopes to expand her knowledge and pursue her passion at Whitman with concentrations in marketing and supply chain management to reach her goal of becoming a product brand manager. 

While Jagdish knew she wanted to earn an MBA, she didn’t know much about supply chain management. However, when the pandemic hit, she came to realize its critical nature and thought it would be a valuable addition to her business education. Her research led her to the strong program offered in this field at the Whitman School at Syracuse University. Having the option of choosing a dual concentration was a bonus; she could explore her interest in supply chain while also pursuing her passion for marketing. Jagdish was quickly impressed with the support she received from the Whitman School, particularly as an international student preparing to move halfway around the world. 

She finds the MBA program rigorous but likes the challenge. The level of personal interaction and in-person learning facilitated by smaller, close-knit classes , as well as the teaching style rooted in case studies and faculty experiences, have been the building blocks of her experience at the Whitman School at Syracuse University.

She is grateful for “healthy discussions” with classmates, where she is free to debate and learn from others’ experiences and says she is “focused, eager to learn and ready to power up my skills.”

In addition, Jagdish leads the communications team for Whitman’s Women in Business. She sees the number of women in business changing for the better and hopes to contribute to making the business world more diverse, equitable and inclusive. Additionally, she is part of Enactus, working toward creating a sustainable impact in local and global communities.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, she is also adapting to the Central New York winters, even going skiing for the first time. Her goal before graduating is to participate in the University tradition of sledding down the hill at Crouse College. 

Pleased with her decision to attend the MBA program at the Whitman School, Jagdish is grateful for the welcome she has received from the entire University community.

“I was not able to understand the warmth that was coming towards me until I got here,” she says. “I am so glad to have found a family in my home-away-from- home, one big Orange family.”

If you are interested to learn more about the MBA at Syracuse University, read more about it here!

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