What is it like to study at TBS Education? Read the experience of ELIAS ARBAJE EL-KHOURY

The best way to understand if a University is right for you is to listen to other fellow students. Here we have the experience of Elias, who traveled all the way from Lebanon to Barcelona to study at TBS Education. Let’s discover how that was like for Elias, student of the Bachelor  in Management!

TBS Education in Barcelona: the place to go for a European Business Experience

From a young age, Elias knew that he was going to grow in the world of business. Sales and marketing were his passions from a young age and he had the opportunity to see how businesses were made, thanks to their family affairs.

At the time of choosing a place of study two goals were clear: the business fields and the desire to go to Europe. Even though he applied to different universities TBS Education was the clear choice, there is no one reason, there are many and very important, as he explained it himself: “Was it the fact that TBS Education is a world-renowned business school? Was it that I would get my degree way before my friends from high school (in 3 years)? Or maybe was the hands-on approach and close proximity I would have with the professors? Until today I still can’t pinpoint which one spoke to me the most but I am sure I made the right decision”.

Becoming a student of TBS Education

Elias explains that it was a little hard as the beginning, as any new experience in a new country could be: “At first, I was super frightened as any freshman would be: new school, new courses, new friends, new professors, etc. But as time went by I’ve met some wonderful people from all over the world, I’ve made great friendships and have learned so much from the different professors’ experiences”.

Along this path he had the opportunity to choose one of the 3 different campuses and to practice different languages such as French and Mandarin, and the chance to do an internship every year was something that gave him a good advantage when looking for a job after graduation, since former work experience is an important point out there in the job market.

The future awaits: what to expect after a Bachelor at TBS Education in Barcelona

Where did this path take Elias to? “Right now I am in Barcelona. If I had to describe Barcelona in one sentence it would be ”It’s the best city for student life”. According to Elias, an important thing to highlight about the city is that “in comparison with other big European cities, living in Barcelona isn’t that expensive and that is a huge pro when it comes to a student budget”.

What’s next after graduation? “After TBS Education I do want to be employed for another company for a while in order to continue learning and then do my masters as well”.

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