The perks of studying in English with IU – International University of Applied Science

Choosing a university program can be difficult enough, let alone choosing one in a foreign language you can master. However, despite the initial hesitation you might feel when thinking about embarking on this journey, you might want to take into consideration some key facts. Here are our top reasons and perks of pursuing a degree in English:

Studying in English gives you the chance to expand your horizons

Whether that’s gaining practical language skills or building a professional edge, studying in English is a great way to build your skills, make lifelong friends, and gain international experience. If you want to work at an international company, a university degree that shows you studied in English will be a big leap forward. Although this will vary from country to country, English is one of the only languages that truly transcends national and cultural borders. This means whether you decide to work for an international company or start a business of your own, you never have to feel alone or misunderstood because of your language skills.

It will open doors for you that might’ve otherwise remained close

According to the European Commission, over 20% of international students learning English move abroad after graduation! Many international companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon even offer classes in their offices around the world, so if you want to work at one of these companies (or any company) after graduating from IU – International University of Applied Sciences, having studied in English could be your edge. 

It will benefit you in the day by day activities – both academic and on-the-job

Imagine needing to work on an important group project for your degree and not being able to reach out to all group members because of the language barrier – that is something not worth risking your grades and performance over.
Academic struggles aside, English is also used in conference calls and business meetings, as well as in most media. If you want to know how to negotiate more confidently with clients and run effective meetings as a young professional, mastering the language will give you an advantage that could put you ahead of your colleagues when it comes to promotions. 

For these very reasons, all programs offered by IU – International University of Applied Sciences are taught in English. You’ll learn through collaborative study groups, case studies, and job-based experiences, building skills that will help you gain confidence in your performance. Besides earning a degree from IU, you’ll develop lifelong connections with other ambitious students from around Europe and the world who want to give back to their communities. 

Did we help you make up your mind yet? If you are still skeptical about the perks of studying in English, check out the study opportunities at IU – International University of Applied Sciences, and take advantage of the unique combination of a German degree program taught in English by international experts and professionals. Not only will you learn English fluently, but you will also build up your intercultural and global competencies for an effective job market entry.

Pro tip: if you’re unsure about your English proficiency, IU offers you a free 3-month-long English course, Speex, to make sure you’re ready to rock the admission process. If we piqued your interest, you can check out Speex by clicking here.

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