Why Should You Study Abroad In Japan?

Studying abroad allows students worldwide to travel and explore so many different countries and immerse themselves in a culturally new experience — an opportunity for every student to grow personally and professionally.

One of the most captivating countries to venture to is the 3rd largest economy in the world. Japan is known to be a bucket list destination for travellers, students and even professionals. 

There are various opportunities to study abroad that facilitate every student in finding the right institution to begin a new adventure. If you’re curious about learning in Japan, here are great reasons to consider giving it a go.

Excellent Education

Japan prides itself on providing exceptional education to its students from a very young age. It is also ranked among some of the best educational systems worldwide

Career Opportunities

You can find many multicultural and international companies in Japan for career opportunities. Studying at a Japanese university can boost your chances of career growth both in Japan and abroad. 

Begin Your Global Self In Japan

There are, however, many more reasons you should consider studying abroad in Japan. The International College of Liberal Arts (ICLA), situated in the stunning Yamanashi Prefecture, shares additional reasons that may convince you to move. 

  • Studying in Japan is more affordable than you may think through scholarship opportunities. International students can benefit from government support and usually pay the same fees as Japanese national students.
  • Many programs are taught in English, which facilitates the number of international students who can undertake a degree in Japan.
  • In addition to Japan being a clean and safe country, it also has an excellent medical system which international students can access. Fun fact: Japanese people have the longest life expectancy in the world.
  • Everything just works in Japan. You can expect to enjoy a great quality of life through exceptional transportation service, cost of living, efficiency and much more.
  • Make lifelong friendships and connections. The people you meet while studying abroad become some of the most important people in your life; you grow and are open to many new opportunities. 
  • What better way to learn everything there is to know about Japanese history, culture and food than to be in Japan?

We’re sure you’ll add to this list of why you should study abroad in Japan once you’ve experienced it yourself. If this has sparked your interest, it’s time to grab your bags and catch a plane!

ICLA is waiting for you to join its multicultural student body and begin your adventure. 2023 applications are now open!

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