Your gateway to Global Research: explore the PhD programs at Politecnico di Torino

For those seeking world-class opportunities in a vibrant international setting, Politecnico di Torino emerges as a beacon of innovation and world-wide collaboration. With its distinguished position in global rankings and its unwavering commitment to research impact, the university offers a plethora of enticing opportunities for international students interested in pursuing a Doctorate Degree. Let’s explore together the myriad of reasons why PoliTo stands out as an exceptional choice for your future PhD journey.

With its 160 years of history, Politecnico di Torino has solidified its reputation as a world-renowned institution, ranking among the Top 17% Universities worldwide according to the latest QS World University Rankings. This highlights the institution’s commitment to adhere to high academic standards, nurture talents and promote a research-driven education
Moreover, the university’s strong collaboration with the corporate world is a testament to its dedication to real-world impact. An example of this is the involvement in numerous projects funded by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), where students get a chance to address real contemporary challenges and contribute to economic and societal growth with their research work.

At Politecnico di Torino, PhD candidates have the unique advantage of conducting research across different disciplines. With its interdepartmental centers, students are enabled to tackle complex problems that require cross-field expertise, promoting groundbreaking research and encouraging the development of their innovative thinking. 

In addition, the university empowers researchers with cutting-edge tools to explore their full potential: with advanced laboratories, sophisticated equipment and comprehensive libraries, PoliTo is committed to providing its scholars with the best possible resources for academic development.

Diversity and Student Support are some additional great selling points of the university: PoliTO is particularly renowned for its international appeal with an impressive 20% of its doctoral candidates coming from all over the world. Not only does the university offer an international intellectually stimulating environment, but it also recognizes the pivotal role of human resources in the field of research. In 2021, Politecnico di Torino earned the HR Excellence in Research label by the European Commission and its interest in fostering inclusivity is evident in its WE ARE HERe network, which actively addresses gender-related issues in academia. 

Last but not least, Politecnico di Torino values the contributions of its PhD candidates and ensures that they are well-supported during their research journey. The university offers one of the most competitive doctoral scholarships in Italy, easing financial burdens and allowing students to focus on their academic pursuits fully. Moreover, PoliTO participates in the main research funding programs offered by the European Union and by other international and national bodies.

In addition to financial support, PoliTo provides a wide array of services to enhance the well-being of its students, among which comprehensive welfare programs promoting physical psychological and social well-being, mentoring services and smart working. 

Let’s not forget that the university is located in the beautiful city of Turin, known for its rich history and cultural heritage which provides a high quality of life, making it the ideal city for international students to call it their home away from home!

Embarking on a journey of advanced research and academic excellence is a dream for many aspiring scholars. This is your chance to do it in the right place, what are you waiting for?

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