Good news: Koofers has joined the Docsity Family!!!

After a year of hard work, Koofers has been integrated into Docsity, resulting in one space where American students can connect with English speakers from across the world.

Koofers + Docsity = Millions of students and quality study material!

Since 2008 Koofers has been one of the main websites referenced by American college students, with more than 2 million registered users, over 350,000 shared documents (past exams and other study materials), online flashcards and more than 500,000 professor ratings. Starting today we will be one big community!

Improved Quality & Service

We have brought together the best of Koofers and Docsity, so you can have access to useful and top-quality services and content. We offer concrete support to college students during their entire academic course of study, and beyond.

What are the new website’s features?

  • Documents
    Find what you need right away! An improved and quick search engine, a new document preview system, verified reviews and many more functions.
  • Questions and Answers
    Get answers to your questions! Ask students in your college for help while preparing for exams to achieve better grades. You can also help other students and earn Download points.
  • Professor and College Ranking
    Explore the ranking of the best colleges and professors in your country based on user reviews.
  • Quiz (formerly Koofers Flashcards)
    The Flashcards used on Koofers are now available on Docsity and can be downloaded as documents. Filter your search by “Quizzes” type to download them.

What will happen to Koofers users?

If you were previously registered on Koofers, don’t worry. You can still use your same login credentials to access Docsity and use all our services.

Have any additional questions or concerns? Visit our FAQ page.

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Koofers Notes

All Koofers documents are now better cataloged and organized so you have a quick and effective search on Docsity!

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