In the plethora of Business Schools available, choosing the right one is key. Banking on the reputation of a country’s education system can be a safe bet. France for example, has shined with academic excellence for centuries. Famous for its rigorous and innovative education programmes, it has formed many a student who have subsequently entered the job market with success. It is now rising to the challenge of internationalisation. Kedge Business School for example, proudly presents its ten campuses spread on three continents (Europe, Africa and Asia). Each structure inscribes itself in the local ecosystem, while proposing international standard services.

A triple crowned reality

KEDGE is a leading French business school with four campuses in France (Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille and Toulon), three abroad (Shanghai, Suzhou and Dakar) and three partner campuses (Avignon, Bastia and Bayonne). The KEDGE community is made up of 12,600 students (including 25% coming from abroad), 183 professors (including 44% coming from abroad), 275 international academic partners and 65,000 alumni around the world. KEDGE offers 36 programmes in management, designed for students and industry professionals. It also provides tailor-made educational programmes for businesses at national and international levels. KEDGE Business School is AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA-accredited, belonging thus to the closed circle of the top 1% of triple accredited Business Schools worldwide, and is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. It is also recognised by the French government, with labelised programmes, and has obtained the EESPIG label. KEDGE was ranked 31st by the Financial Times in the European Business School ranking and 20th globally in its Executive MBA ranking.

Tailor-made education

With its 36 management programmes and additional tailor-made options to choose from, a prospective student is sure to find the one that will fit like a glove. The three top programmes are the:

But there are numerous other options such as Business Engineering, tailored for scientific and technical profiles, acclaimed by innovative companies and responding to arising issues within high-tech and high-added value industries; Digital Marketing & Sales, training multi skilled professionals who will understand and master the skills required by the different parties involved; or Corporate Finance, designed to prepare students for international careers in this changing environment of startups and corporations.

A research-driven institution

Another very important asset at Kedge Business School is the strength of its research, feeding teaching with cutting-edge findings and contributions from scholars present in the international academic dialogue. With more than 100,000 citations of its professors on Google Scholar, 44% international scholars and the appearance at more than 500 international conferences, the solidity of its research is proven by figures. The four poles of excellence for research are:

  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain
  • CSR
  • Food, Wine & Hospitality

A financially sustainable opportunity

Kedge strongly believes that funding concerns should not prevent students from accessing the course of their choice. Recognising that taking on a degree requires motivation as well as personal and financial commitment, it offers a range of scholarships to ambitious and talented international students. There are early-bird scholarships and ones based on merit. The Achievement Scholarship offers a 2,000 euros discount on the tuition fees, whereas the Excellence Scholarship goes up to 4,000 euros discount.

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