Spread the news: France is the new student destination

Knowing how important it is to make the right contacts while studying, it is essential to choose the right destination for your academic career. It can be difficult to pick among the vast array of possibilities, the world being full of excellent options for university and Business Schools alike. 

If Europe attracts you, then France should be one of your top choices, seeing as it has put in “a bid to attract 500,000 international students to its shores” by 2027, as reported by The Pie News. This means it will put in the extra effort to make life and studying in France all the more pleasant. 

Some top reasons why France is a prime studying destination are:

  • Academic excellence. France prides itself on its centenary tradition which has been able to renew itself and keep at the top of world rankings. 
  • French is not mandatory in more and more academic programmes. English is very often the language of instruction. Even though, French being the European Union’s second official language, learning it is a big asset too!
  • France is one of the strongest European economies and it is making things easier for students who decide to stay and work there after their studies.
  • There are substantial scholarships available for international students in a country that prides itself on providing education to all. It recently has even voted higher education to be a constitutional right for citizens!

A centenary tradition looking to tomorrow

When it comes to education, France has one of the most efficient, well-rounded and innovative systems. Strong of a centenary tradition that has kept up-to-date with the latest worldwide trends in research and pedagogy, it offers solid training and plenty of opportunities to grow while learning. France is renowned for its universities, but even more so for its Business Schools. Business School programmes in France combine technical and scientific knowledge with business know-how and humanities teaching. This makes for a strong and varied basis for learning. 

One such school is EDHEC Business School, founded more than a century ago, it has maintained its place in the highest rankings worldwide. In 2018, it was awarded 3rd place worldwide by the Financial Times for its Master in Finance, 1st Business School in France by U-Multirank in 2019, and 14th Business School in Europe in 2019 also by the Financial Times. The Grande École system it belongs to ensures you get a global business education that is rigorous and exciting at the same time. Just what is needed to stay ahead in our competitive world.                                                                                 

Working for a solid economy

One of the advantages of studying in France is that you train in a strong EU economy, a key player, strategically and financially. Being part of this equation as early as during your studies is key to succeeding tomorrow. 

A good education is one that gives you the right contacts, when it comes to peers and even more so for internships. Working with top players such as PwC, Bloomberg, Unilever and Société Générale to name a few, EDHEC Business School’s professional links are strong and varied, ensuring you choose the best collaborators for your career path.

A world of culture

The business world is increasingly aware that rounded business people make better deals. This means that studying humanities and feeding your cultural endeavours is as important as knowing how to read data and to be a team player. EDHEC Business School is leading in this global trend and offers a curriculum that gives you the tools to become a real decision maker. Whether you choose its Lille, Nice, or Paris campus (on top of London and Singapore), you are sure to find culture and entertainment as well as business-driven people. France is known in the world for joie de vivre and a rich cultural life, from theatre to literature, cinema and dance, all areas are covered in quality productions.

EDHEC Business School offers something for everyone: whether you prefer sunshine, historical Northern cities or the capital, these options give you the opportunity to invest in your future with solid education in an inspiring setting.

An efficient country 

Moving to France is also easier than you might think, its visa system being very straightforward. The country also has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. This should make France a top destination for your studies and EDHEC Business School the stepping stone to your career.  

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