Highlights from Universities in 2013

World University Rankings for 2013-14

The QS world university rankings for the year 2013-14 were released on Tuesday 10th September publishing for the first time a record, top 800 best universities from around the world after about 3000 universities were given due consideration. The latest contestants for the survey included universities from Argentina, Ukraine, Pakistan, Belgium and Iraq. The QS university ranking has surely increased the level of competency among the universities over the years.

The link to the rankings is provided below:

US V/s UK Universities

MIT: Highlights from Universities in 2013No surprises for the university making to the top of rankings this year since its Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that has once again outran Harvard and Cambridge for 2nd time in a row. Cambridge was able to secure the 3rd spot preceding Harvard. UCL and Imperial attained 4th and 5th position in the rankings respectively. Although Cambridge faced a descent and Oxford was unfortunate this year to make it to the top 5, UK’s institutes still managed to dominate others by taking 4 out of top 6 positions in the world rankings. Also US was able to secure the top spot but the economic crisis in US did however put a crumbling impact in the overall rankings of the universities.

Hottest Destinations for Studying Abroad

Italy UK France: Hottest Destinations for Study Abroad for AmericansAccording to the latest surveys the American students studying abroad have reached a record level in the recent years. With an ever increasing number of American students coming over to the European countries for studies, UK stands at the top succeeding Italy. Spain is also one of the leading attractions for students willing to study abroad, with its diverse culture and rich history supporting the fact. France has also been holding a strong position in the list of attracting the students from around the world for its exquisite destinations and an enormous culture as well as lifestyle.

Destinations Left out in the Cold

Mexico Japan: lost in Study Abroad: Highlights from Universities in 2013The countries that had to face a drastic decline in attracting the students from abroad were Japan and Mexico. With Japan facing the disasters of earthquakes and tsunami discouraged the students willing to study there. Side by side Mexico had to face the decline due to the ever growing drug violence in the country.

In a nut shell, 2013 faced quite a lot of changing trends for the universities around the world. Where many universities were able to put a mark in the top 250 rankings for the first time. European countries were able to provide more lucrative offers for the students willing to study abroad. On the contrary, Japan and Mexico losing their charm to grab the attention of these students.

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