How to get an insight into someone’s personality

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Personality of any individual might take a significant amount of time and a couple of interactions to fully reveal, but some psychologists suggest that some visual cues might help to reveal parts of an individual’s personality. They suggest that the relative length of hand fingers, eye movements or crossed fingers might reveal some interesting insights into a person’s personality. Please note that these tests are taken from Professor Richard Wiseman YouTube video series and we don’t claim them to be accurate or precise.

A quick look at fingers

Some psychologists are of the view that the relative length of the fingers indicate certain personality traits. Observing a person’s right hand will do the trick. If you observe that the index finger is shorter than the ring finger,the person is physically strong, more assertive and a risk-taker.  If the index finger is longer than the ring finger, the person is more likely to be empathic and caring.

1 A quick look at their fingers

2 A quick look at their fingers

Still images: courtesy YouTube

Creative or Logical?

Another test that psychologists suggest reveals whether a person is creative minded or rather takes hold of logic to carry things out? Just ask the person to clasp their hands together. A human brain is divided into right and left sides and each side has its own personality traits. A person whose right thumb is on top of the left thumb, is most likely a left brained person and left brained people tend to be more logical, sequential and analytical. On the other side, if the left thumb is on top of the right thumb, then that person is termed as right brained and they tend to be intuitive, visual and creative.

3 Intuitive or Analytical

4 Intuitive or Analytical

Still images: courtesy YouTube

The Introvert or Extrovert test

Getting to know whether a person is an introvert or an extrovert gives you a lot of information about how that person interacts with other people. To carry out this test, just ask that person to trace a ‘Q’ on his forehead with the index finger of his strong hand. Some will draw the ‘Q’ in a way with tail of the letter on the left side. This means that the person is conscious about how people see him and his happiness lies in being the center of attention, he is an extrovert and a good liar. On the other hand, if the person draws ‘Q’ with its tail on the right side so that they themselves can read it tends to mean that the person is an introvert and a bad liar.

5 The Introvert or Extrovert test

6 The Introvert or Extrovert test

Still images: courtesy YouTube

Eye Movements

Eyes give a lot of intel about a person but you have to be a keen observer to catch the eye cues.  You can tell whether a person is constructing or remembering information by the direction in which they are looking. For example, if you ask them to describe an experience and they look up and to the left from your viewpoint, in the direction of visual construction, they are probably making it up rather than remembering. Furthermore, when a person looks down a lot it gives you the hint that they may be feeling shy, upset or trying to hide something emotional.

7 Eye Movements

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