International Students in the U.S. – Some Fast Facts

U.S. is considered to be one of the educational centers of the world. The responsibility of imparting the best knowledge and managing the institutions does not come at an easy price but the U.S. government and the colleges and universities do their best in this regard. Due to its cultural diversity, U.S. also experiences a major influx of international students from around the globe. A recent statistical study showed that the U.S. hosts the largest number of international students.

A. New Enrollments

New International Student Enrollment

The number of students enrolling in US educational institutions for the first time in fall 2012 increased about 9.8% than the previous year. The percentage enrollment had been on the low-side for quite a few years but the fall 2012 admissions saw a great many international students applying for various degrees.

B. Increased number of International Students

Int'l Student trends

The data collected from the National Center for Education Statistics showed that in 2012/13, the number of international students in the U.S. increased 7.2% to a record high of 819,644 students.

C. Origins of International Students

Top Places of Origin

The majority of the international students in the U.S. institutions usually belong to either China or India. Both these countries are major contributors of international students with 28% students belonging to China and 11% having Indian origins.

D. Institutions hosting International Students

Leading Institutions 2012-13

There are some top notch institutions that host the international students within their campuses. The top of the list among them is the University of Southern California followed by University of Illinois, Purdue University, New York University and Columbia University. All of these institutions have more than 9000 international students except Columbia University which has around 8,500 international students.

E. State-wise Population of International Students

Top US States Hosting Int'l Students

There are a great number of students residing in various states with California hosting around 8.4% of them. Other states also have their fair share of international students as well. Though some states have only seen a gradual change in increasing number of students, but on the other hand, others states have seen a rapid increase.

F. Fields of Study

Top Fields of Study of Int'l Students

The top field that sees the most influx of international students is the Business and Management program with 21.8% of the international students enrolling in the mentioned program. The second most sought after field is of engineering 18.8% of international students getting admitted in it.

G. Funding Sources

Primary Source of Funding

International students mostly rely on some sort of funding to get through their programs. Around 63.6% of international students personally fund their education or are funded by their families. 20.7% are funded by the U.S. Colleges or University in which the student is enrolled in and about 7% are funded by foreign universities or governments.

 Source: Fast Facts Open Doors 2013

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