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Make the Most of Studying Abroad” is a free eBook by Docsity on real life students’ study abroad experience. The students already studying abroad, planning to study abroad or afraid of study abroad, will find this eBook as a life changing scripture. Within this eBook are some really cool tips, tricks and a complete set of guidelines to have a hell of an experience studying abroad.

Make the Most of Studying Abroad Docsity free eBookStudentCompetitions.comIn collaboration with we are presenting this eBook for all students who are willing, planning or in the process of studying abroad. This eBook presents student experiences in a way that is more interesting. It touches all phases which a student encounters when thinking about studying abroad. Starting from 10 reasons to study abroad; either it be learning a new language, making new friends, simply having new experiences or improving you career prospects; you will find precise and compelling answers to your study abroad queries.

Answering your Study Abroad faqs When? Where? and How long?

Once you are through chapter1 you will find yourself craving for a study abroad experience. The next chapter answers your faqs i.e. When? Where? and for how long? Subsequently when you have made your mind to study abroad you need to know what to get done before leaving, what to pack, how to pack, tips and dos and don’ts from students who have experienced it earlier. You will find everything you need to know with-in this eBook.

Recovering from your Study Abroad Cultural Shock

Once you have made it to your new city you might experience cultural shock but you can adjust to it by understanding the phases you will be going through, read in chapter 4 of the eBook. The eBook is well decorated with info-graphics which present some of the important things you should experience during your study abroad.

Download the free eBook and grab a great Study Abroad experience

In short the eBook is a complete guide to help you get the most from your study abroad experience and emerge from it as a completely changed and zealous person. So grab a free pdf copy of the eBook here and share it with your friends and colleagues.

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