Scientists are Helping a Man Grow a New Nose

New research has revealed that scientists are helping a man grow a new nose. Recently, experts at University College London are using the man’s bone marrow cells to help him replace the nose he lost to cancer. According to a report, Professor Alex Seifalian, is assisting a 53-year-old man whose bone marrow cells were currently growing in the lab on two nose-shaped scaffolds.

Nose Implant:noses

This process involves implanting one of the noses under the skin on the patient’s arm, because scientist can make the nose but they can’t make the skin. During the process the nose is transferred together with its skin covering to the patient’s face.

The new nose, initially, will not have working nostrils because they are covered with skin, but doctors later open the nostrils and introduce epithelial cells which form the mucus membranes that protect body surfaces. During the procedure a mould of the patient’s original nose is taken before its surgical removal.

This is used to create a second mould – made of glass – into which a polymer scaffold is sprayed. The cells from the patient’s bone marrow are grown in the lab then added to the nose scaffold which is placed in a bioreactor, which is a large jar-like container that rotates.

Physical Condition for the Implant:nossy

The bioreactor is maintained at body temperature (37C/98.6F), for about two weeks,, which helps the cells to grow all over the scaffold. Meanwhile, a small balloon is placed under the skin on one of the patient’s arms and every few days this balloon is inflated a little more to encourage the skin to stretch.

Scaffold which is covered in the patient’s cells is removed from the bioreactor and surgically implanted under the stretched skin on the patient’s arm where it remains for four to six weeks as it develops a blood supply.With its new skin, the nose, is then extracted from the arm and surgically attached to the patient’s face.


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