10 Things you Should Never do when Taking Notes


Proper notes taking is a major ingredient in success. Any mistakes in notes can decide your passing or failure. We have collected some points that you should never do when taking notes. We believe it will help you in improving your notes taking skills.

1. Try not to lose concentration when it matters the most


2. When copying notes from another’s notebook, never assume they are the notes from the current class


3. Unless previously agreed, never expect somebody else to take your notes for you. They may not be as reliable as you’d hoped


4. Avoid rambling as you can easily forget the purpose of the original note


5. Make sure you are aware of what you are writing on!


6. Do not waste time writing meaningless notes


7. Remain relative and do not lose sight of your objective


8. Keep your notes discreet until you wish to share them


9. Do not take an unnecessary long time considering presentation


10. Remember to maintain an element of sense

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