Docsity’s documents embed feature

Imagine yourself trying to search for a document online. You will come across dozens of links which appear to be somehow related to your search query. You can only know if the link leads to the relevant document when you download it. You put your trust in the link text and click on it, hoping that it might be the content you really want.

Users are also unwilling to download all sort of readers, apps, or viewers just to go through a single document. This issue becomes more irritating when using a mobile device, since popular document reader or viewer apps offer a limited time free version of their apps and the user gets severely dissapointed when in sudden hour of need, it becomes impossible to simply view a single document. More ever the documents downloaded on the pc or mobile device are easily forgotten in the vast storage wasteland.

Everything is a mystery unless you download and open the file to view its content. Now imagine if you could view the document, read it, navigate it, and view feedback on it by other users before really downloading it? Wouldn’t life become much easier? You will spend a lot less time searching and downloading dozens of documents. This is what Docsity’s document embed feature offers, and its totally free.

How can Docsity’s embed feature help?

Docsity’s document embed feature takes care of this by providing an easy way to view your documents on the browser without worrying about downloading or opening a reader or viewer app. It is easy, simple and very fast. Simply upload a document on docsity for free and use the embed code to add the document on the web-page where you want the document to appear. The document will appear on the web-page with all the in-document navigations. Additionally it can also be viewed on

Docsity Documents Embed Feature

For example, a course instructor can distribute his content in a better way without burdening the students to download it. The students can easily view the course material online and if willing can download, rate, or comment on it. The documents displayed below are embedded into this web-page.

Here is a document of a lab manual which the lab instructor wanted to distribute to his students. Instead of providing a download link of the lab-manual, he simply embeds in on his web-page, visible to all to access it using a modern web-browser.

Using the embed feature nearly all types of documents i.e., lecture slides, reports, manuals, diagrams, word files etc. can easily be displayed and interacted with.

To use the embed feature simply upload your document on docsity and use the embed code displayed in the right side box. You can adjust the width and height of the embed document too.

Start using the Docsity documents embed feature for your web-page or website and improve your users reading experience today for free. Happy Sharing, happy learning!

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