California State University, Los Angeles; Quality Professional Education in California

If you are looking for quality professional education in the state of California then California State University is the best option for you. Also known as CSULA, this university is part of the California State University system thus making it a public comprehensive university. California State University Los AngelesThe university is known for its Undergraduate Business School which has been ranked among the Top 100 in the USA and it is the only university which is highly ranked in the Los Angeles area.

Faculty at CSU

The faculty contains 2 presidential award professors and also many faculty members who have had the honor of receiving Fulbright scholarships thus being able to Research and teach in institutions all around the world. The CSULA tuition fee has doubled since the 2000-01 academic year but still it is only $5,506 for the in-state, making it quite a low amount. Due to its continued development and progress the student intake has increased over the past few years. Also the Range of Scholarships offered (further details on the university website) by the university attracts national as well as International Students.

The CSU Campus

The campus has state of the art facilities with a well-established library, bookstore, health center, free to access labs and Career Center for guidance to students towards a better future. The university has a sports complex which provides all the necessary facilities including gym, baseball, basketball, swimming and also track for athletics. The most anticipated game is the Basketball as the CSULA team stands among the top 25 teams in the state.

California State University Los Angeles Ground CSUThe current university President Rosser has announced his retirement recently and though the university will not be the same without him but the advancements he made will make the university even better than before. Future developments are also underway due to which the university will soon have a Corporate Yard, a Hydrogen Fueling Station for teachings related to Energy and a High School Of Arts which will be a shared-use facility.

CSULA is committed to making Collegial and Interdisciplinary relationships among faculty, administration, students, and staff. The university considers itself proud for providing Access and Excellence to transform lives.

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